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Special Report Transcript Episode 69, Section 8, Time 50:28

In November last year Dirk Coetzee described Sizwe Kondile’s death to the Amnesty Committee in Durban. // Now, drops were administered to Sizwe Kondile in a drink whilst we were sitting around drinking ourselves, opening beer and whatever other drinks, alcohol. And after about 20 minutes to about half an hour Mr. Kondile started, he was sitting down, uneasy; he looked quite normal again to me when he arrived and as I said not like someone with serious brain injuries that I could pick up. He eventually fell over backwards and lied on his back and at a stage either Col Nick van Rensburg or Maj. Flemington said ”well chaps let’s get on with the job.” In the mean time the two junior officers of Maj. Archy Flemington, with a Land Cruiser bakkie, brought dense bushveld wood, big logs of it with tyres. And one of Maj. Archy Flemington’s men, this slender built tallish man, light hair, took a makarov pistol with a silencer on and whilst Kondile was lying on his back, shot him on top of the head. There was a short jerk and that was it. The four junior, non-commission officers, Paul van Dyk, Ser Jan from Col Nick van Rensburg’s branch and the two Ermelo men, each grabbed a hand and a foot, put it onto the pyre of tyre and wood, poured petrol on it and set it alight.

Notes: TRC testimony: Dirk Coetzee, Amnesty hearing, Nov 1996

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