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Special Report Transcript Episode 72, Section 2, Time 11:23

I really need to know how you felt when you saw what you had done to human life. I really really need to know that, because can you remember their faces maybe? Can you remember how shocked they looked? Can you remember when they fell? Can you remember anything about that? // Mam, I don’t want it to seem like I’m a racist. The conditions that we lived under here in Azania led to such incidents. As the oppressed by the culprits, everybody who was oppressed, is clear of who the oppressor was. I know that nobody has a right, whatever race, to take somebody else’s life. However, under the conditions that we lived in at that time the people that oppressed us did a whole lot of things. Shedding the blood of the oppressed, the same people went to church and prayed and called themselves Christians. I know it is painful to lose a loved one, someone as close as your daughter. Our lot as the oppressed and we have lost our loved ones under the oppressor. // You haven’t told me how you feel, how you felt about their lives. That’s important to me. // You as people who lost loved ones, your daughters, your husbands, I’d appreciate a moment where we could sit and talk, because now we are at another level all together. I want to be part of that level, I don’t know if you have your answer.

Notes: Andrea Langford (Daughter killed); Vuyisile Madasi ; Andrea Langford; Madasi

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