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Special Report Transcript Episode 72, Section 2, Time 14:05

I want to ask of you, in your application for amnesty you are asking the survivors and the next of kin or families for forgiveness, but thus far you have shown no remorse whatsoever to give us some sort of comfort. You have shown us nothing. You have only spoken of the orders and the killings that you have done. I understand a great deal of your suffering, we have also suffered. But I think it is about time that you must face us and ask us directly for forgiveness. // You perhaps look at me and think that I’m not showing remorse, however our families know us well. I know that people who worked closely with us in connection with this matter they would tell you how much remorse we are experiencing. If we did not, we would not be here even at this moment.

Notes: Clarissa January (Son injured); Vuyisile Madasi

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