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Special Report Transcript Episode 72, Section 2, Time 16:13

Molweni madoda. // Molo Mama. // I’m very sorry that I can’t express my thoughts and feelings in Xhosa. I think you remember me. At the criminal trial I asked the translator to tell you that I had forgiven you. Do you remember that? // Yes, we remember. // Mr. Gqomfa was unwilling and looked the other way, but I certainly shook Mr. Mabala and Mr. Madasi’s hands. Nothing has changed. I still feel exactly the same way and I do forgive you. I want to tell you who Lindi was. She was known as Lindiwe by her Xhosa friends. Lindy was a true child of Africa. She helped me to understand how subtle my prejudice and bias and racial discrimination was; that it was nothing blatant, it was in the very subtle fibres of my being. She helped me to understand that. She was totally willing to treat everyone as an equal and she did that openly and freely. Her black friends were as important to her as her white friends. Lindiwe could have been your friend. You did your own cause immeasurable harm by killing her.

Notes: Ginn Fourie (Daughter killed); Applicants

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