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Special Report Transcript Episode 72, Section 2, Time 19:28

It was a very emotional moment, personally. Because I felt the pain that the victims felt and of which I do regret the loss of lives. And moreover in the position in which I saw them. Hoping that this message will be related to the victims and to other people who suffered the struggle. Especially the victims because we are the source of what they’re going through. I hope that they realize that even myself, personally as a human being that thing affected me. And even right now, I still can’t cope with it, that if God created me to be an angel of death that is something that I cannot believe. It’s very much painful, even to me. At least having my humble plea to the victims that I need an assistance to them because I think they might be an assistance, because personally I’m very much sick about what I’ve done to the victims. Because no human being can do such a thing. Thank you very much.

Notes: Gqomfa

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