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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter C

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CABE, Thembekile Phillip39Was shot in the leg by members of the CDF in Bisho, Ciskei, on 7 September 1992 during an ANC protest march to demand free political activity in Ciskei. Thirty people were killed and two hubndred people injured in what became known as the Bisho massacre. Two members of the former CDF were refused amnesty for the shooting (AC/2000/122).References
CABELA, Criselda Nceya57An Inkatha supporter who had his home burnt down by ANC supporters on 11 February 1990 at Richmond Farm, near KwaMashu, Durban. See Richmond Farm arson attacks.References
CAICAI, Esther Nontombi26Was seriously injured in a limpet mine explosion near the Standard Bank in Roodepoort, Transvaal, on 3 June 1988. Nobody claimed responsibility for the blast.References
CAKWE, Nomboniso Was killed on 12 April 1986 by members of the UDF-aligned SADA Youth Congress at Sada, Hewu, Ciskei. The attackers believed her to be a police informer. She was one of two 'collaborators' killed that day, and several homes were attacked. One UDF supporter applied for and was granted amnesty (AC/2001/076).References
CALATA, FortA UDF activist, and one of the Cradock Four abducted by the Eastern Cape Security Branch while travelling to Cradock, on 27 June 1985. He was stabbed near Port Elizabeth, after which his body was burnt. Six Eastern Cape Security Branch operatives, including the divisional commander, were refused amnesty for the killings. The commander of Vlakplaas was granted amnesty for knowledge of the incident (AC/1999/0350).References
CALU, Vincent Lungile21A UDF supporter from KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage, Cape, who was arrested on 1 June 1986, and again in 1987 by members of the SAP. He was held at Algoa Park and Louis le Grange Square police stations in Port Elizabeth, where he was interrogated about the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. During interrogation torture methods included electric shock to his genitals and a forced posture known as the helicopter.References
CALUZA, Precious NomathembaA COSAS member who was shot dead by members of the SAP in Naledi, Soweto, Johannesburg, on 24 April 1988 during political violence in the area.References
CALUZA, Selby Thamsanqa21A UDF supporter who was shot dead by named Inkatha supporters on 15 September 1988 in Imbali, Pietermaritzburg.References
CALUZA, Tiyo Dorah57Caluza lost her home and possessions to looting IFP supporters in February 1993 at Murchison, near Port Shepstone, Natal, in ongoing conflict between ANC and IFP supporters in the area. References
CAMAGU, Khayalethu Reginald19A COSAS supporter who was injured when struck on the head with an axe and stabbed by a named perpetrator in July 1980 at his home in Fort Beaufort, Cape. The perpetrator believed Mr Camagu had been involved in an arson attack allegedly carried out by students on his home.References
CAMP, Gregory (aka ‘George Sanderson’)23An ANC member who was detained in 1980 and held for seven years at Quatro, Angola, where he was severely and repeatedly tortured by ANC security members. Mr Camp has been left physically and mentally disabled as a result of his torture. A number of ANC members were detained, tortured and killed during a period of anxiety about infiltration by South African agents following the SADF bombing of Nova Catengue camp in 1979.References
CAMPBELL, Gillian Was shot and injured when APLA operatives threw hand grenades at and opened fire on the congregation of St James’ Church, Kenilworth, Cape Town, on 25 July 1993. Eleven people were killed and fifty eight wounded in the attack. Three of four APLA members were granted amnesty for the attack. The fourth had his application struck off the roll for failing to attend the amnesty hearing (AC/1998/0018). See APLA attacks. References
CANDLOVU, NdabazakheAn ANC supporter who was assaulted with rifle-butts by members of the SAP at KwaNdela, Bizana, Transkei, in March 1960, after they had ordered him to step down from his horse and had interrogated him about Nonqulwana meetings. See Pondoland revolt.References
CAROLISSEN, Gasant21Was shot dead by a named member of the SAP in Hanover Park, Cape Town, on 2 September 1976, during the Soweto uprising.References
CAROLISSEN, Ronald Charles24was shot dead at close range by a named member of the SAP, in Stellenbosch, Cape, on 8 September 1976, when he and his brother sought shelter in flats to escape teargas fired at protesters.References
CARTER, GwendolynA political writer who was harassed by the Witwatersrand Security Branch, who stole her tape-recorded interviews with South African political activists. One Witwatersrand Security Branch operative was granted amnesty (AC/2001/0184).References
CASEY, Anthony MarkWas stabbed and burnt to death by ANC supporters in Kutloanong, Odendaalsrus, Orange Free State, on 29 September 1990. Four ANC supporters were refused amnesty for the attack (AC/97/0007 and AC/97/0027). See Kutloanong mob attack.References
CASSANDRA, AdrianoCassandra, who was from the United Nations Observer Mission, was injured in a hand grenade explosion on 25 May 1993 in Kimberley, Cape, during an ANC protest march to the Bophuthatswana consulate. Two MK operatives threw a hand grenade at the building which bounced back into the crowd, killing one person and injuring forty one others. Two ANC members were wrongly convicted of the killing. Four MK operatives and ANC members, two of whom denied guilt, were refused amnesty (AC/2000/053 and AC/2000/241).References
CASSIEM, Shahied14A UDF supporter and member of the BMW who was detained, interrogated, severely beaten and held in solitary confinement in Cape Town in October 1987 by members of a special police unit called the Unrest Investigation Unit (UIU).References
CAZA, Fuzile55An ANC activist who was shot dead by members of the CDF near Egerton railway station, Mdantsane, Ciskei, on 4 August 1983, during the Mdantsane bus boycott.References
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