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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter H

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HADEBE, Promise Philisiwe35Was severely burnt when IFP supporters threw a petrol bomb into her house in Wembezi, KwaZulu, near Estcourt, Natal, on 5 August 1992. She was the sister of ANC supporters. Her niece and nephew were killed in the attack. The house was destroyed.References
HADEBE, PrudenceWas burnt to death in an attack on her home at KwaMondi, KwaZulu, near Eshowe, on 30 November 1993, when IFP supporters carried out several attacks on ANC supporters in the areas around Eshowe. One person was killed and more than forty five homes were burnt down. Three other family members were injured in the attack. The attack was allegedly instigated by a local IFP-supporting chief seeking to drive ANC supporters out of the area.References
HADEBE, Qinisela AddisonAn ANC supporter who was shot and injured by IFP members when they attacked his house at Esikhawini, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal, on 23 January 1993. Four perpetrators were granted amnesty (AC/1999/0332).References
HADEBE, Reginald Behumuzi36An ANC Midlands Exective Committee member who was shot dead when the car in which he was travelling was ambushed by named members of the IFP between Richmond and Ixopo, Natal, on 27 October 1992. The occupants of the car were part of an ANC delegation returning from a peace meeting in the area.References
HADEBE, RichardAn executive member of the non-aligned Wembezi Crisis Committee who was shot dead near Estcourt, Natal, in 1993, by named IFP supporters, some of whom were KwaZulu Government officials. Five other executive committee members were also killed, allegedly because the Crisis Committee was perceived as a political threat.References
HADEBE, Sandile 8Was shot dead when IFP supporters opened fire on a church congregation in an ANC stronghold in Bhekezulu, Estcourt, Natal, on 2 April 1994. Five other people died in this attack, including Sandile’s brother.References
HADEBE, SbusisoWas shot dead by IFP supporters at Mbomboshana, KwaZulu, near Eshowe, Natal, on 27 November 1993 as he was re t u rning from his son’s funeral. See Eshowe attacks.References
HADEBE, Shiyinduku Elias31His house and car were burnt in an attack by named Inkatha supporters in Hambanathi, near Verulam, Natal, on 27 August 1984, during conflict between UDF supporters who were opposed to the incorporation of Hambanathi into KwaZulu, and Inkatha supporters who supported the incorporation. References
HADEBE, Sibongiseni CyprianAn ANC supporter who was abducted from his home in Umlazi, Durban, on 12 January 1990 by named Inkatha supporters, and was found stabbed to death later that day. The family had to flee their home as a result of the attack.References
HADEBE, Siphiwe AlsonA COSATU member who was shot dead by IFP supporters in Bruntville, near Mooi River, Natal, on 29 August 1991, because he was assisting ANC youths in the area.References
HADEBE, Siyabonga9Was killed when IFP supporters threw a petrol bomb into a house at Wembezi, KwaZulu, near Estcourt, Natal, on 5 August 1992. He was the nephew of ANC supporters. His sister was also killed and an aunt injured in the attack.References
HADEBE, Stencellous ‘Sibusiso’Was burnt to death in an attack on his home by IFP supporters in KwaMondi, KwaZulu, near Eshowe, in November 1993. See Eshowe attacks.References
HADEBE, Thandokuhle Cyril39His house in Ntuze, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal, was petrol bombed on 15 February 1993 in ongoing conflict between ANC and IFP supporters in the area.References
HADEBE, ThembinkosiAn ANC supporter whose hands and feet were bound as he was stoned to death on 30 October 1993 in Wembezi, KwaZulu, near Estcourt, Natal, by members of the ANCYL. Mr Hadebe was a bodyguard of a prominent ANC member during a period of internal conflict within the organisation.References
HADEBE, Thula Felix19A UDF supporter and MAWU member who died in Chesterville, Durban, on 8 December 1986, when a hand grenade exploded in his hand. The UDF were conducting a counter-attack against the Chesterville A-Team. Senior Security Branch members applied for amnesty for tampering with this arms cache. See A-Team (Chesterville, Durban).References
HADEBE, Thulisile15Was shot dead when named IFP supporters fired live bullets into a crowd attending a church service in Bhekuzulu, Natal, on 1 April 1994, during political conflict prior to the first democratic election of 27 April.References
HADEBE, ZamaniWas shot and injured by unidentified persons at KwaMakhutha, Amanzimtoti, near Durban, on 26 September 1992, during ongoing political conflict in the area. His sister was also shot dead in the attack and his home was burnt down.References
HADEBE, Zwi Boy34An IFP supporter who was shot dead by ANC supporters in Inkanyezi, Port Shepstone, Natal, on 3 October 1992.References
HAFFEJEE, Hoosen Mia27An ANC supporter who died in custody at Brighton Beach police station in Durban on 3 August 1977 after being severely assaulted by named Security Branch members. The police reported that Mr Haffejee had hanged himself. The inquest found that his death was not brought about by any act or omission involving an offence, but declined to make a finding of suicide.References
HAFFEJEE, Mohamed Saed Hassiam21Was detained for ninety days in solitary confinement on 23 July 1964 in Stilfontein, Transvaal, allegedly because the SAP suspected him of being in possession of banned literature.References
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