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MARCH, David


Was abducted by members of the SAP in Alexandra, Johannesburg, in November 1993 during violence in the township. He has not been seen since and is presumed dead.

You mustn’t run and if the front people sit down we all sit down and we let them do the violence and expose the violence of the system and let it be a symbol of the nature of this regime.
Irene March has accepted the deaths of her two sons, but it is the mysterious disappearance of David that will not leave her. That haunts her as much today as it did 13 years ago. // Sometimes weekends I go to church if I like. Sometimes I just go to the meetings to be with other women. Also, I’m ...
week to tell how his sister and his son were killed, his house was looted and set alight and his livelihood, his taxi, burned out. // On the 25th of March 1990 IFP had a rally in Durban, so on their way back one of the buses stopped there. My son alighted from the kombi which came after the bus, ...
ANC was unbanned and that increased dramatically the tension between especially this part, top of the valley and lower down. And then on the 25th of March 1990, that was a Sunday, we had a big rally in Durban. The buses on their way back were stoned and then here on Monday and Tuesday there were ...
In 1983 Irene’s second son, David was picked up by police at his work and has never been heard of since. // Can you imagine every time when the child asks, where’s my daddy? If you were in my boots, what would have happened? How would you tell him? Let’s divert this thing, me being you, you ...
... feeling. Because, you must also remember that my application for amnesty was submitted by hand to Dr Alex Boraine at quarter to three on the 5th of March this year in Cape Town, and I took Albert Nofemela’s application with, as well as David Tshikalanga’s. So, there must be an ulterior motive ...
As we approached Grossmere Avenue the police appeared in caspirs and in police trucks and ordered us to stop the march and disperse. Reverend David Russell ordered us to kneel down and pray. This we all did collectively.
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