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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MAT-MAZ

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MATA, Bungane Jackson 62A leader of the civic organisation opposed to the headman system, was shot dead by a named perpetrator on 12 August 1992 in Bikizana, Sterkspruit, Transkei.References
MATA, Thembisile 18An AZAPO activist who was burnt to death by UDF supporters on 26 June 1985 in Port Alfred, Cape. One of the perpetrators was sentenced to twelve years in prison for the killing.References
MATABANE, Peter ItumelengA COSAS member who was killed by an explosive device detonated by named Vlakplaas operatives in a mine shaft in Kagiso, Krugersdorp, Transvaal, on 15 February 1982. He and three other COSAS members believed they were to be trained to use hand grenades, a ploy used later increasingly by security forces. Only one person survived the explosion. The perpetrators applied for amnesty.References
MATABOGE, Josia LegodiWas beaten to death by named perpetrators who were members of a local civic structure in March 1993 at Evaton, Transvaal. His sister was also assaulted and injured.References
MATABOGE, Moitheki Isaac 39Was tortured and beaten by local civic members in Evaton, Transvaal, in March 1993 during conflict between IFP and ANC supporters in the area.References
MATAFENI, MziuvukileWas shot dead by members of the AmaRussians in Bekkersdal, near Westonaria, Transvaal, in 1990 during conflict between Xhosas and Zulus in the area.References
MATAKANA, Mtutuzeli 43Was shot and injured by members of the SAP in Nyanga, Cape Town, on 18 February 1985. Eighteen people were shot dead and hundreds were wounded in a three-day clash when Crossroads residents resisted a forced removal to Khayelitsha.References
MATAKANE, Laka David 29An ANC supporter who was beaten and tortured by named members of the SAP in Reddersburg, Orange Free State (OFS), in March 1988.References
MATAKU, Sinko MtshanyaneAn ANC supporter who was tortured by a named perpetrator in November 1961 at Cofimvaba, Transkei.References
MATALA, Phadishi Erasmus 34She had her home burnt down on 2 February 1980 in GaMatlala, Lebowa, by supporters of Chief BK Matlala because she resisted Lebowa`s proposed independence from South Africa.References
MATANDELA, Dumisani Macbeth 22An MK operative from Maluti, Transkei, who was shot dead in an attack by SADF Special Forces operatives on several ANC houses and a block of flats in Maseru, Lesotho, on 9 December 1982. Thirty South Africans and twelve citizens of Lesotho were killed in the midnight attack.References
MATANIGOANE, Matshediso Annie 17Was assaulted with batons and sjamboks when members of the SAP dispersed mourners at a funeral in Bloemfontein on 30 April 1980. She was beaten unconscious and suffered severe injury to her eyes, necessitating the removal of her right eye.References
MATASA, GertrudeWas killed by ANCYL members in Khuma, Stilfontein, Transvaal, on 28 February 1986 during rent and bus boycotts in the area.References
MATAU, Sefako Frans 20Was beaten by members of the SAP during the state of emergency on 4 June 1986 in Tembisa, Transvaal. References
MATAUNG, Maria Thabisile 36She had her home and possessions vandalised in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu, near Durban, during June 1989, in intense conflict between Inkatha and UDF supporters in the area.References
MATCHES, Joseph Mateti 17An ANC supporter who was shot dead by SAP members in Kroonstad, Orange Free State (OFS), on 12 February 1985, on suspicion of being involved in an arson attack at a school.References
MATCHES, William 15An ANC supporter who was arrested and tortured by named members of the SAP in Kroonstad, Orange Free State (OFS), on 12 February 1985, on suspicion of being involved in an arson attack at a school. His cousin, Lawrance Zamile Molale, was detained and tortured with him.References
MATCHISI, Mxolisi Gladman 20Was shot and injured by members of the SADF during protests in Zwide, Port Elizabeth, in September 1977.References
MATEBESI, Kedibone Rebecca 27She had her house damaged on 4 February 1994 in Letsopa, Ottosdal, Transvaal, when ANC offices nearby were bombed by AWB supporters wanting to sabotage the April 1994 election. The perpetrators applied for amnesty.References
MATEEM, ShirleyShe sustained minor injuries when MK operatives detonated a car bomb using a remote control device outside the Ellis Park rugby stadium, Johannesburg, on 2 July 1988. Two spectators leaving the rugby match were killed and thirty seven others sustained minor and major injuries. Four operatives from MK`s Special Operations Unit, including its commander, were granted amnesty (AC/2001/161).References
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