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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MOL-MOZ

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MOVHE, VioletShe died when she was assaulted with sticks and stones by a large crowd of community residents at Manavhela, Venda, on 8 February 1990. She was accused of using witchcraft to hinder the work of political activists in the area. At a meeting, residents resolved to force her to leave the area, but killed Ms Movhe while confronting her. Three ANC supporters were granted amnesty (AC/2000/094).References
MOXHAM, John Arthur 51A member of the SADF who was injured on 10 March 1989 when an MK operative detonated an explosive device planted at the SADF`s Natal Command headquarters in Durban. Three MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2000/153).References
MOYAKE, Daisy Nolesson 67An ANC supporter who was shot by IFP-aligned Toaster gang members in Tembisa, Tvl, on 9 March 1992. Tembisa was embroiled in political conflict between IFP-supporting hostel-dwellers and ANC-supporting residents.References
MOYANA, Sanangele Getrude 32An ANC supporter who was shot and injured by IFP supporters in Sebokeng, Tvl, on 12 July 1993 in a spate of drive-by shootings that killed 14 people.References
MOYANE, Bernadette Disebo 34Was beaten by members of the SAP while returning from a mass funeral in Evaton, Tvl, on 15 September 1984 during the Vaal uprising.References
MOYENI, Thembani 18An ANC supporter who was shot and injured by ADM supporters during political conflict in Peddie, Ciskei, on 9 January 1994.References
MOYES, Gavin DavidA policeman who suffered an attempt on his life when he and his colleagues attempted to stop a vehicle occupied by an MK unit on 7 July 1990 in Nyanga, Cape Town. An MK operative in the vehicle opened fire, killing one policeman. One MK operative applied for and was granted amnesty (AC/1999/0331).References
MOYI, Sizakele EphronAn ANC supporter who was shot and injured by members of the SAP and SADF on 1 May 1991 in Katlehong, Tvl, while returning by taxi from an ANC rally.References
MOYISE, DiyanAn ANC member who was arrested, interrogated and assaulted by fellow ANC members near Lusaka, Zambia, during 1979 to 1982. One ANC member, who later became an askari, was granted amnesty (AC/2000/228). References
MOYISWA, Sikinkili 75Was detained and tortured in June 1960 and in 1970 in Flagstaff, Transkei, because of his involvement in the Pondoland revolt. See Pondoland revolt. References
MOYO, Norman Baye 22Was detained and beaten after police opened fire on a crowd gathered to protest against police brutality at City Rocks Stadium, Winterveld, Bophuthatswana on 26 March 1986. Eleven people were killed and 200 injured when a member of the Bophuthatswana police gave a command to open fire. See City Rocks shooting.References
MOZELEPA, (no first name given)A PHOYCO member who was detained by named members of the SAP in Bethlehem, OFS, on 20 June 1986, during a protest to demand the release of political detainees. The police fired shots at the demonstrators, and arrested some Phoyco members. In detention, they were tortured.References
Showing 741 to 752 of 752
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