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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MT

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MTHEMBU, Petros Thulani 22An ANC supporter who was injured in an attack by a group of named people, both IFP and ANC supporters, in Empangeni, Natal, on 17 June 1993. On 22 July 1993, he was shot and severely injured by the same perpetrators, who allegedly accused him of recruiting IFP supporters.References
MTHEMBU, Phethekabi 68An ANC supporter who had her houses burnt down by IFP supporters in Nhlangenyoka, KwaZulu, near Mtunzini, Natal, on 24 April 1994, three days before the April 1994 elections.References
MTHEMBU, Phillip VelaphiWas shot and stabbed to death by IFP supporters in Soweto, on 25 May 1992. Soweto was one of many Transvaal townships embroiled in conflict between IFP-aligned hostel-dwellers and ANC-supporting residents.References
MTHEMBU, Phiwayinkosi Michael 32An ANC supporter who was shot dead by IFP supporters at Groutville, Stanger, Natal, on 14 January 1994, allegedly in retaliation for a verbal clash between ANC and IFP supporters earlier that day.References
MTHEMBU, Phumzile Nelisiwe 31An ANC supporter who had her house burnt down by IFP supporters in Sonkombo, Ndwedwe, KwaZulu, near Durban, on 16 March 1994. See Sonkombo arson attacks. References
MTHEMBU, Prince GriffithsWas shot dead on 11 November 1990 in Tokoza, Transvaal, allegedly by IFP supporters, during intense political conflict in the area.References
MTHEMBU, Qhamukile 6Was burnt to death when IFP supporters attacked her grandmother`s home at Iniwe, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal, on 24 November 1992 in ongoing conflict between ANC and IFP supporters. One other family member was shot dead, and her sister shot and injured in the attack.References
MTHEMBU, Rose SibongileWas arrested by members of the SAP on 11 June 1985 at Komatipoort, Transvaal, because police believed she had information about ANC activities in Maputo. She was detained without trial for three months.References
MTHEMBU, Roseline 53An ANC supporter who was assaulted, ill-treated and had her house destroyed by members of the SAP at Stanger, Natal, in January 1991. The police were allegedly looking for her sons.References
MTHEMBU, Russel NkosinathiA UDF supporter who was detained and tortured in October 1989 in Rustenburg, Transvaal, while attempting to leave the country.References
MTHEMBU, Samuel Smodell 28Was shot dead by IFP supporters in Empangeni, Natal, on 27 February 1993 in continuing political conflict between ANC and IFP. Mr Mthembu`s home had been burnt down about three weeks earlier.References
MTHEMBU, Sandile 38An ANC supporter who was shot dead by other ANC supporters on 29 April 1990 in Sobantu, near Pietermaritzburg, in political conflict between two ANC breakaway factions, the Amavaravara and the Amazimuzimu.References
MTHEMBU, Sarahlost her home in a petrol bomb attack by members of the SAP in Alexandra, Johannesburg, on 1 February 1986.References
MTHEMBU, SgidiAn IFP supporter who died after he was shot and axed by ANC supporters in Alexandra, Johannesburg on 17 March 1991.References
MTHEMBU, Sibongile Virginia 41An ANC supporter who lost her house in an arson attack at Umbumbulu, KwaZulu, near Durban, in ongoing conflict between ANC and IFP supporters in the area during 1992. References
MTHEMBU, Sibusiso Joseph 25An ANC supporter who was shot, stabbed and hacked to death by IFP supporters at Danganya, Umkomaas, near Durban, on 13 June 1992.References
MTHEMBU, Sibusiso Steven 28An ANC supporter who was stabbed to death by named perpetrators in Pinetown, Natal, on 4 November 1988. He was allegedly attacked after recommending that the perpetrators be tried in the kangaroo court that had been introduced in the area to punish comrades who involved themselves in criminal activities.References
MTHEMBU, Sicelo Ezrom 30An IFP supporter who had his house in Richmond, Natal, burnt down by ANC supporters in June 1992. ANC supporters in the area were allegedly trying to force IFP supporters out of the area.References
MTHEMBU, Simon 29Was shot and stoned by Inkatha supporters in Imbali, Pietermaritzburg, on 24 January 1988 in intensifying political conflict between UDF and Inkatha supporters in the area. He died on 21 February 1988.References
MTHEMBU, Siphiwe JusticeWas severely injured when members of the Orde Boerevolk opened fire with automatic weapons on a passenger bus in Durban on 9 October 1990. Seven people were killed and 27 injured in the attack. See Putco bus attack. Amnesty was granted to two of the three applicants and refused to the leader of the unit (AC/1997/0053).References
Showing 161 to 180 of 558
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