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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MU-MZ

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MUALUSI, JohannesWas burnt to death and his house set alight by a group of community residents in Venda on 10 March 1990. Nine people were killed and 11 houses burnt down in attacks on people accused of practising witchcraft to impede the community`s campaign for re-incorporation of the homeland into South Africa. Two ANC supporters were refused amnesty (AC/2000/094).References
MUDAU, BethuelWas arrested and severely beaten by members of the Venda Police in 1986 at Vleifontein, near Louis Trichardt, Tvl, when local residents resisted attempts to forcefully incorporate the area into Venda.References
MUDAU, JohannesWas abducted to Chief Ngingideni`s cells in Thohoyandou, Venda, and then shot dead in the veld on 1 April 1974. He was allegedly killed because he told the family of former Chief Makuya how she had been murdered by supporters of Chief Ngingideni.References
MUDAU, SamuelWas injured in a landmine explosion on a road near the Zimbabwe border, Messina, Tvl, on 5 May 1987. Another passenger in the truck was also injured. The ANC claimed responsibility for this MK operation.References
MUDAU, Tuwam Frans 45A Venda Independence People`s Party supporter who was injured when he and his friends were attacked with stones by a group of boys in 1970 in Louis Trichardt, Tvl, during conflict over incorporation into Venda.References
MUENDA, Athikholi Samson 59He lost his vegetable stall in an arson attack by a named perpetrator in Maelulu village, Venda, in 1984. Mr Muenda was a supporter of the Venda Independent People`s Party which opposed the Venda National Party.References
MUFHADI, DavidWas bitten by a police dog in Messina, Transvaal, during a protest march in the area in 1993.References
MUGADI, Mamaila Annah 37Was shot and injured by members of the Lebowa Police in Tzaneen, Transvaal, during a mass funeral on 2 March 1986.References
MUGIVHELA, Asivhanga ReubenWas shot dead, allegedly by members of the Venda Police, during political conflict in Thohoyandou, Venda, on 25 March 1990.References
MUGIVHELA, Samuel TshikhudoHe died in detention on 20 January 1984 at Vuwani police station in Sibasa, Venda, after being arrested on 3 November 1983 on suspicion of harbouring MK operatives.References
MUGWENA, PaulWas detained and severely tortured by members of the Venda Security Police in November 1986 at Sibasa, Venda, because of his brother`s political activities.References
MUHLAMUNYANA, Mildred Nomntu 68An ANC supporter who lost her home in an arson attack in Vosloorus, Transvaal, on 3 September 1990 during intense political conflict on the East Rand.References
MUKASI, Mudjadji 55Was assaulted and injured by a named member of the SAP on 1 August 1985 at Phalaborwa, Gazankulu, after she was arrested on charges of abduction related to witchcraft. Unknown members of the community who accused her of witchcraft destroyed her house and furniture.References
MULAMAVU, Tshifhiwa Jeffrey 17Was shot and severely injured by members of the Venda Police in Venda, while villagers were celebrating Venda Cultural Day on 10 October 1992.References
MULATEDZI, RonaldA member of the SAP who suffered an attempt on his life when MK operatives attacked his home with hand grenades in Mamelodi East, Tvl, on 15 April 1988. Four MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2000/199).References
MULAUDZI, Humbelani Elwin TshifhiwaWas shot dead on 30 August 1983 at Sibasa, Venda, allegedly by members of the Venda Security Police, soon after his return to South Africa. He had gone into exile in 1980.References
MULAUDZI, MudzungaShe died when she was assaulted with stones and forced to remain in her burning hut by a group of youths in Hampofu, Venda, on 20 March 1990. She was accused of practising witchcraft to hinder the anti-homeland political activities of youths in the area. One ANC supporter was granted amnesty (AC/2000/094).References
MULAUDZI, Muumisi SamsonA COSATU member who was stabbed and injured at Johannesburg, on 9 December 1989 while on his way to work during a strike by railway employees.References
MULAUDZI, PhanuelWas hacked to death at work by Inkatha supporters in Germiston, Transvaal, in September 1989 during conflict between the Inkatha-aligned UWUSA and COSATU-affiliated NUMSA.References
MULAUDZI, Tshililo Jackson 66An ANC supporter who lost his house in an arson attack by alleged `comrades` in Thohoyandou, Venda, in 1990.References
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