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ODENDAL, (first name not given)


Was severely injured when members of MK’s ‘Dolphin Unit’ detonated an explosive in a car near the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s court and the adjacent police station, Transvaal, on 16 March 1988. Three people were killed and more than 20 were injured in the blast. Two MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2001/003).

We were busy withdrawing and if this person had not thrown a hand grenade there would have been no shooting. // That is exactly my point. Why did that shooting take place? There were several police officers there. There was the possibility that you could prevent that these people could get away. ...
Major Odendal deployed leaders to various points with the instruction that after the vehicle had been identified its tyres should be shot to force it to a stop and then thereafter the vehicle should be surrounded so that the passengers could be arrested. There was a radio report that the police bus ...
... This week police were finally asked to account for themselves. Nine local policemen among them very senior and very well known individuals like the notorious Major Dolf Odendal were subpoenaed to appear before the TRC. Three policemen testified. The most remarkable revelation came from ...
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