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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter P

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PADI, Isaac Butinyana 56Was tortured by members of the SAP at the Protea police station, Soweto, Johannesburg, on 7 February 1991. Mr Padi was detained as police were looking for his son, an MK operative. Mr Padi’s son and girlfriend were later shot dead by police.References
PADI, Itumeleng Samuel22An MK operative who was shot dead by named members of the SAP during a shoot-out at his home in Phiri, Soweto, Johannesburg, on 19 May 1991. Mr Padi had escaped from police custody and was shot dead with his girlfriend during a raid. Police arrested his father prior to his death and tortured him to reveal his son’s whereabouts.References
PADI, Refiloe15Was shot and wounded by members of the SAP at Matshidiso High School in Meadowlands, Soweto, Johannesburg, in 1987 during student protests in the area. References
PADIACHY, Krishna21Was injured when a limpet mine, planted by MK operatives, exploded during lunchtime at the Wimpy restaurant in Benoni, Tvl, on 30 July 1988. One woman was killed and at least 66 people were injured. Four MK operatives were granted amnesty for the planning and execution of the attack (AC/1999/0294). References
PADLEY, KarenWas shot and injured when APLA operatives threw hand grenades at and opened fire on the congregation of St James’ Church, Kenilworth, Cape Town, on 25 July 1993. Eleven people were killed and 58 wounded in the attack. Three of four APLA members were granted amnesty for the attack. The fourth had his application struck off the roll for failing to attend the amnesty hearing (AC/1998/0018). See APLA attacks.References
PAGE, Pedro AmandrioWas shot dead by a named member of the SAP in Parkwood Estate, Cape Town, on 6 September 1989. He had allegedly joined a crowd of onlookers who were watching as roadblocks were set up. References
PAGE, Stephen JohnWas killed when MK operatives detonated an explosive in a car outside the South African Air Force (SAAF) headquarters in Church Street, Pretoria, on 20 May 1983. Twenty-one people were killed and 217 injured. The overall commander of MK’s Special Operations Unit and two MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2001/003 and AC/2001/023). See Church Street bombing, Pretoria. References
PAHLA, Ben48Was severely beaten by Imbokodo vigilantes at Siyabuswa community hall, KwaNdebele, on 1 January 1986. He and others were put in a room where the floor had been deliberately soaped to make it slippery and were sjambokked and beaten where they fell. Between 200 and 360 individuals were abducted and assaulted for about 36 hours. The attacks, led by named KwaNdebele government officials, were designed to suppress resistance to incorporation into KwaNdebele. References
PAILANE, Phillip KediboneA local council employee who lost his house when it was burnt down by SANCO and ANC supporters in Duduza, Nigel, Tvl, in 1991. Members of the community opposed local councils and saw councillors and council employees as legitimate targets in the political struggle of the time. References
PAILE, Franscina BusiWas one of eighteen people injured in a limpet mine explosion at a bus stop near the Checkers shopping complex in Silverton, Tvl, on 4 July 1986. Four MK operatives were granted amnesty for the attack (AC/1999/0257). References
PAIS, Jose Dos Santos Sustained minor injuries when MK operatives detonated a car bomb using a remote control device outside the Ellis Park rugby stadium, Johannesburg, on 2 July 1988. Two spectators leaving the rugby match were killed and 37 others sustained minor and major injuries. Four operatives from MK’s Special Operations Unit, including its commander, were granted amnesty (AC/2001/161).References
PAKA, JohnsonA PAC member who was detained by the SAP in the Transkei, Cape, in 1960. He was imprisoned for five years on Robben Island for his PAC activities. After his release he was placed under house arrest for two years. References
PAKA, Tonny Khabuqheya 19Was incarcerated and tortured by the SAP in Engcobo, Transkei, Cape, in November 1963, because of his PAC activities. He was charged with sabotage and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, after which he was banished for two years.References
PAKADE, George SidneyA UDF supporter who had his house looted and set alight on 6 April 1990 when a group of Inkatha supporters attacked UDF supporters and residents at Mpumalanga, KwaZulu, near Durban, in spite of a heavy police and military presence. Fourteen people were killed and at least 120 homes burnt down. One former IFP member was granted amnesty (AC/1/999/0332) References
PAKISI, RaphaelWas shot and burnt to death at the Chris Hani informal settlement, Daveyton, Tvl, on 25 July 1993 when a group of IFP supporters, allegedly aided by members of the SAP and SADF, attacked area which was perceived to be an ANC stronghold. References
PALEO, David Sebolai 49Was stabbed to death by IFP supporters in Tokoza, Transvaal, on 21 August 1993 during clashes between hostel-dwellers and mainly ANC-supporting residents. Mr Paleo’s body was found in one of the hostels and was reportedly mutilated.References
PALI, Qolwana Reginald 70A local headman who was abducted on 26 December 1993 at Kidd’s Beach, Cape, during conflict over leadership in the area. His skeletal remains were found seven months later near the Chalumna River.References
PALM, (first name not given)Was severely injured when members of MK’s ‘Dolphin unit’ detonated an explosive in a car near the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s court and the adjacent police station, Transvaal , on 16 March 1988. Three people were killed and more than 20 were injured in the blast. Two MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2001/003). References
PALM, Rolande Lucielle22A civilian who was shot and killed when APLA operatives attacked the Heidelberg Tavern in Observatory, Cape Town, on 30 December 1993. Four people were killed and seven were injured during the course of the attack. See APLA attacks. Three perpetrators were granted amnesty (AC/1998/0026). References
PAMA, Elliot MichaelA policeman who was injured by APLA operatives during an armed robbery at the University of Transkei in Umtata, Transkei, on 18 February 1993. The perpetrators robbed the university of R500 000 and shot three security guards, one of whom was killed. See APLA attacks. One perpetrator was granted amnesty (AC/2000/106). References
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