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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter SA-SG

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SANUSE, LulamileHe died when he was shot and robbed of his firearm by MK operatives in Mdantsane, Ciskei, on 4 August 1993. The perpetrator alleged that they were given orders by their commanders to eliminate members of the Ciskei police and military in retaliation of the killings of ANC supporters. One perpetrator was granted amnesty (AC/1999/0241). References
SAPO, Livingstone Siphelo39An ANC supporter who was shot by members of the Transkei Police during a consumer boycott in Lusikisiki, Transkei, on 20 December 1989. References
SARAGE, Muntu Elizabeth46She had her house burnt down by named IFP supporters in Matshana, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal, on 26 March 1991 in continuing conflict between IFP and ANC supporters in the area. References
SARDHINA, Dianne WinifredShe sustained damage to her property in a limpet mine explosion at a bus stop near the Checkers shopping complex in Silverton, Tvl, on 4 July 1986. Four MK operatives were granted amnesty for the attack (AC/1999/0257). References
SASA, John Lesiba 75He lost his house in an arson attack by supporters of Chief BK Matlala on 1 March 1980 at GaMatlala, Lebowa because Mr Sasa resisted Lebowa’sproposed independence from South Africa.References
SASA, PietWas beaten by members of the SAP in February 1980 in GaMatlala, Lebowa, and died a year later as a result of his injuries. GaMatlala was tense at the time due to resistance to the proposed independence of Lebowa. References
SATEGE, Abel Latang26Was shot in the back by IFP supporters on 3 May 1991 in Pimville, Soweto, Johannesburg, during conflict in the area following numerous clashes between IFP-supporting hostel-dwellers and ANC- supporting residents. References
SATEKGE, Matjebe SamuelAn SAP member who was ambushed and then shot and killed by members of an ANC self-defence unit (SDU) near his home in Rockville, Soweto, Johannesburg, on 5 February 1993. Three SDU members were granted amnesty for this killing (AC/2000/119). References
SATHEKGE, ElliotA COSAS member who was recruited for military training by a Security Branch agent purporting to be an MK operative, and was killed in the Nietverdied ambush near the Botswana border on 26 June 1986. Eight operatives from SADF Special Forces, Northern and Western Transvaal Security Branches were granted amnesty for the operation (AC/1999/0190; AC/1999/0192; AC/1999/0194; AC/1999/0031; AC/1999/0188; AC/1999/0030 and AC/1999/0197).References
SATHEKGE, Emma Mathodi15Was knocked down and killed by members of the SAP driving a Hippo on 13 February 1984 in Atteridgeville, Pretoria, during a demonstration at the Dr Peta Senior Secondary School. References
SATHEKGE, Naredi Louis 20Was detained by police in Soshanguve, Pretoria, in 1986. He was suspected of burning down a police officer’s house at a time when attacks on police had intensified.References
SAUGASI, Aletta45Was shot and injured in Vrede, OFS, on 28 April 1993, when police opened fire on a protest march calling for the release of children from custody. References
SAUL, Thando Amos17A UDF supporter who was shot and severely injured when members of the SAP opened fire on a group of youths destroying a food delivery truck in Cookhouse, Cape, on 12 March 1985. On discharge from hospital he was arrested and charged with theft References
SAUL, Thembani22A South African Youth Congress (SAYCO) member who was shot dead by members of the CDF in Skolweni, Alice, Ciskei, on 3 March 1990. Mr Saul was allegedly engaged in political activities at Skolweni when he was ordered out of the location, and killed when he refused to leave. References
SAUNDERS, AGW A colonel in the SADF who was injured on 10 March 1989 when an MK operative detonated an explosive device planted at the SADF’s Natal Command headquarters in Durban. Three MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2000/153).References
SAUNDERS, MCM A member of the SADF who was injured on 10 March 1989 when an MK operative detonated an explosive device planted at the SADF’s Natal Command headquarters in Durban. Three MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2000/153).References
SAVAGE, Beth 44Was injured when APLA operatives attacked members and guests at the King William’s Town Golf Club, Cape, on 28 November 1992. Four people were killed and 17 injured in the attack. Four APLA members were granted amnesty (AC/2001/182). See APLA attacks. References
SAWONI, Mhanjiswa68He had his home at Mtwalume, near Umzinto, Natal, burnt down by Inkatha supporters on 27 December 1989 during intensifying conflict between Inkatha and UDF supporters in the area. References
SAYED, TWas injured when members of MK’s Special Operations Unit detonated an explosive in a car outside the SADF Witwatersrand Command headquarters in Johannesburg on 30 July 1987. At least 68 people were injured. Three MK operatives and one UDF supporter linked to MK were granted amnesty for their roles in this attack (AC/2001/0003 and AC/2000/248).References
SCHAKAZA, Hleziphi Dorah51An ANC supporter who was shot dead by IFP supporters in Pietermaritzburg on 8 September 1990, in intense political conflict in the area. References
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