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He escaped an abduction attempt in East London on 21 May 1993 by Transkei Defence Force (TDF) soldiers who allegedly wanted to interrogate him regarding a planned coup in the Transkei. When they did not find Mr Wana at his home, they abducted three people from the house, whom they subsequently shot dead near the Kei River Bridge. A TDF soldier was granted amnesty for the abduction, but refused amnesty for the killing (AC/2000/018).

On the 23rd of November 1990, Col Craig Duli and his men bombed the Military Garrison in Umtata. General Holomisa and troops royal to him were ready for them. The general was warned of the attempted coup. // They were ambushed. They were collected from the Air Force detachment base. They were ...
Craig Duli had information that some members of the military did not want Craig to reveal. As I’ve said to you this was not planned by Craig, by himself. He was together with other members of the military, as I have numerated out to you right away. So, I want to take a guess that they wanted ...
the opposite side of Ngquza hill. They then all started coming towards us. We did not even expect any clashes, because none of us had weapons except Wana Johnson had a gun. He had come with his revolver, our commander. They wasted no time. They had not come to talk; they then fired. Wana Johnson ...
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