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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter Y

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YABO, Sidney22Was shot and blinded in both eyes by a named Special Constable whose home had been stoned in Beaufort West, Cape, on 20 June 1987. Mr Yabo was coming home from a disco when he was shot. After his release from hospital he was arrested and charged with public violence, but was later acquitted. References
YAKA, Mbangomuni70An IFP supporter and acting induna who was shot dead by another named IFP supporter at Mvutshini, near Port Shepstone, Natal, on 6 February 1993 in internal conflict within the organisation. See induna. References
YALI, Khayalethu15Was shot by members of the SAP in Lingelihle, Cradock, Cape, on 30 June 1986. At the time, people were singing freedom songs and police were patrolling the area. References
YALO, Bikiwe65An IFP supporter whose house and possessions were destroyed in an arson attack in Port Shepstone, Natal, on 7 April 1994, in political conflict between ANC and IFP supporters three weeks before the April 1994 elections. References
YALOLO-BOOYSEN, Geoffrey Yali22An ANC supporter and youth activist who was tortured in detention by named members of the SAP in George and Mossel Bay, Cape, in June 1986. Mr Yalolo-Booysen was again detained and tortured in January 1990. References
YAMANI, Nomeyi Nomarket 64An ANC member who was beaten by members of the CDF at KwaMasele, near King William’s Town, Cape, on 26 December 1991.References
YANTA (GEORGE), Mathews Sindile22A UDF supporter who was detained and tortured by members of the Security Branch in Murraysburg, Cape, in June 1986. He was then held under emergency regulations for three months. See police brutality. References
YANTOLO, Skepi Tom76Was detained under emergency regulations in June 1985 in Jansenville, Cape. In detention, he was beaten and tortured by members of the SAP. References
YAPHI, Aweni51An ANC supporter who lost his house when it was burnt down in Crossroads, Cape Town, on 10 January 1994, during ongoing conflict between residents and a named local Crossroads leader. References
YAPHI, Illias38Was one of seven men killed in Crossroads, Cape Town, on 11 April 1983, by supporters of an opposing committee led by Mr Ngxobongwana, during conflict arising from the struggle for housing. Mr Yaphi had been a member of a Crossroads committee led by Mr Memani, References
YAPHI, Welile19Was stabbed to death during political conflict in Boys Town, Crossroads, Cape Town, on 6 June 1992. References
YASIN, Ridwaan23Was shot dead near the Grand Parade, Cape Town, on 7 September 1976. Mr Yasin was reportedly watching police members clash with demonstrators when he was shot. References
YAWA, Bonisile Moses18His jaw was broken when he was severely beaten by named members of the SAP at a police station in Somerset East, Cape, on 5 November 1977. He was accused of influencing other students during a period of riots in the area. References
YAWA, ErickWas shot dead by named IFP supporters while attending a night vigil in Alexandra, Johannesburg, on 26 March 1991. Fifteen people died in the attack which followed conflict between IFP-supporting hostel-dwellers and ANC-supporting residents. References
YAWA, Stanley Manqolonke25An ANC supporter who was assaulted and stabbed by named perpetrators in Pimville, Soweto, Johannesburg, in August 1990. Hostel-dwellers were coerced into IFP membership when it launched itself as a political party in 1990. As a result, conflict between residents and hostel-dwellers increasingly overlapped political affiliation with ethnic identity. References
YAWA, Thembile23Was shot dead by a member of the SAP in Port Elizabeth in 1976 during a student march protesting against the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in black schools. See Soweto uprising. References
YAWA-NCISANA, Alfred Xolile25An ANC supporter who was shot in the head and permanently blinded by named members of the SAP at his home in Crossroads, Cape Town, on 1 June 1986. References
YAYA, Enoch70An ANC supporter who lost his home on 9 June 1986 in KTC, Cape Town, in an arson attack by Witdoeke vigilantes during the mass destruction of UDF-supporting squatter camps by the vigilantes, acting with the tacit approval and aid of the security forces. Over sixty people were killed and twenty thousand homes were destroyed in the attacks. References
YAYI, Eric Zimasile 25A UDF supporter who was arrested, beaten and tortured by members of the SAP in Port Elizabeth on 8 March 1985. He was later charged and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.References
YEBE, Lungisile William 50An ANC supporter who had his house in Bhambayi, near KwaMashu, Durban, burnt down by IFP supporters on 10 July 1993. Three people were killed and several houses burnt down on this day in violent conflict between the ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ factions. References
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