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ANC camps

The ANC established bases in several African countries. The Department of Intelligence and Security (DIS), together with the military headquarters of MK, had control over residential centres and the Angolan camps, including 'Camp 32' or the Morris Seabelo Rehabilitation Centre (popularly known as 'Quatro'), Panga, Viana and the Nova Catengue camp. Following the SADF bombing of Nova Catengue camp in 1979, there was an atmosphere of paranoia about infiltration by South African agents. A number of ANC members were detained and tortured; some died as a result of assaults and some were executed. Dissatisfaction in MK training camps in Angola led to mutinies at the Viana and Pango camps during 1984. Both mutinies were put down with loss of lives on both sides. Many MK members were detained in connection with the uprisings, and some were tortured. Two groups of mutineers were tried by military tribunals and seven were executed.

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MR NODADA: And you heard that his forces that came with him to Umtata, when they got to the Ncise base, they attacked one of the camps and the camp that they attacked was mainly made up of recruits and that is where they had most of their casualties. Are you aware of that?
MR PONI: ; He was an instructor in the camps when I was still a Political Commissar and when I became a military attaché in Harare in 1993, he was already inside the country, so he was - time and again he would come to us in Zimbabwe and we'd consult.
What is it that you were questioning them. I told them they have erected their tents in the path for the cattle and I was afraid that the cattle might disturb their camps and they are saying, no okay, we understand you. Now we are going to take that man who you are saying have said this.
... Quote, "my school is different from Government schools. We do not have a pool and the school is made of zinc and it is surrounded by squatter camps. The zinc on the roof is not completely done and we have very little space to study. Ellerton school is fully equipped and clean on the ...
MR MHLONGO: Well, the Inkatha gangs as well. But they were always attacking squatter camps, often times than not. And they will do it at night.
... of AZAPO it was not safe for me as well as other comrades of mine to stay with our families, that is why we were misplaced. That is why we had camps where we could stay, thinking that we are safe in those camps. Unlike staying in our respective homes because you sleep alone at home and it's ...
We are going to hear how the State responded to reports of conditions in prison and we are going to hear about the experiences of other prisoners who were not incarcerated in our prisons in South Africa, but who experienced detention in the camps outside the country.
AK 47 since the day I was born. They then, Mashego de Kock and them, took me, blind folded me and then took me to Mpuduli where there was soldiers' camps and when I arrived there, it was Soroloss, they tied me behind a hippo, the hippo that they used to sprinkle water with, I was naked and as was ...
... are not sorry that we have granted you this opportunity to come before us and what surprises us is that there are no witnesses from the Ama-Afrika camps and we hope the it will be an issue that will be addressed. We don't know if it was a collective decision that was taken, but we have not ...
MR DOLO: We did not receive that training, but the Police Stations, the farmers and the South African Defence Force camps. We were told that they were the pillars of apartheid. As the pillars of apartheid we had to attack them because the government, they were supporting the government. When we ...
... railway police and State police who were driving around in the caspars' and the attorney took us one day, took us in his car and we went to these camps around town. The army camps where he would stop in the road next to these camps and pretend that there was something that he was going to look ...
MR NTSEBEZA: Yes. Now I don't know whether you are aware the attack on the (...indistinct) camps in this area were between the 17th and the 21st of May 1986.
... and on its behalf, relating to the illegal possession and distribution of firearms and ammunition in and near Soweto and surrounding squatter camps during ...
MR ARENDSE: Is that while you were staying in camps?
MR MHLONGO: I knew that from long ago, before we were even told by the Leadership to come back home, I knew that while I was still in the APLA camps, I knew very well what was to happen.
1. The applicant and Mr Mohapi found themselves in opposing political camps, the one as an employee of the State, the other as a member of Cosas.
MR NGESI: The instruction I got from Umtata was that everything else I was going to hear from Khotle, but from our camps, I knew that I was deployed to fight for my country, but I knew that I was going to get instructions or orders from Khotle. I went to Welkom to fight for my country.
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