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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967

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MR MBANDAZAYO: Is it also correct that you were also an APLA cadre?
MR MBANDAZAYO: Am I correct that in exile you joined APLA which is the military wing of the PAC?
APLA has viewed with shock and dismay the privileges enjoyed by those who murdered and maimed the African people in the name of apartheid. If people like Dirk Coetzee and Brian Mitchell could receive amnesty, what is it that can make any APLA member not deserve amnesty. We still remain puzzled with ...
... This event occurred during 1990. The purpose of the - or the reason or the motivation behind this was to obtain funds on behalf of the PAC by APLA cadres. The applicant was the commander of the unit that went out on this operation and during the obtaining of the money Mr Goncalves was ...
... knowledge unless the context states otherwise. I went to school and passed standard four. I joined the PAC in 1988 through AZANYO and I joined APLA in 1992 while I was in the ...
MR PRIOR: Mr Chairman, my names are Patrick Charles Prior. I'm an advocate with the Amnesty Committee. I'm the evidence leader. I've been conducting many of these matters with, involving APLA and I think my voice is pretty distinctive from the rest of the Committee. Thank you, Mr Chairman.
MR VAN RENSBERG: Thank you Mr Chairman.  At the trial, at the time of the trial, did you use as a defence, the fact thatyou were members of APLA and that you actually attacked the farm for politicalmotives?
... patrolling the township in the P.E. area and these orders came from the PAC and they were carried out by ...[indistinct] military wing, the ...
MR MBANDAZAYO: Now when did you join APLA?
... As a PAC member I decided to take training in order to fight for my country. I asked Mr Gebe to explain to me if it's possible for me to join APLA, or how long is that going to take. Mr Gebe told me that it's easy to join APLA, but because of the fact that we were in Dordrecht and the ...
MR MBANDAZAYO: Can you tell the Committee, are you a member of APLA?
"Jimmy Jones said that he was a field commander of APLA"
Around the beginning of July I was called by Sandile Ngigelala who was known as Mandla Power or Mzala, who was also an Administrator of Apla. He told me that I'm being deployed in Timbasa in the former Ciskei where I will conduct training of the Task Force members. I started doing the physical ...
... I went back to Bagamoiyo(?), Tanzania where I became a platoon commissar. In January 1993 I was given orders to infiltrate the country by the APLA commander, Sabelo Pama. As an APLA operative my general instruction from APLA high command was to proceed with the armed struggle with all ...
... Yes, I'll be calling Mr Henge, but I want also to put that the only witness I have is only the applicant. The person I was going to call from the APLA High Command, unfortunately he was found dead on Tuesday, Col Leo Nana, in Pretoria. Unfortunately, all members of the APLA High Command, all ...
MR LEEUW: He was an APLA Commander.
then a member of Langa Youth Movement under the guidance of Rev Moletsane. I left the country in April 1986 to Zimbabwe via Botswana where I joined Apla. I left Zimbabwe in June 1986 for Libya and Yugoslavia where I did my military training. In Libya I was trained in infantry, explosive and ...
Mr Masilela, is it correct that you were a former member of APLA?
MR MALEFANE: He was a member of APLA.
CROSS-EXAMINATION BY MR MAPOMA: So when you joined the task force, that was the task force of APLA, is that right?
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