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Imbokodo (Mbokodo)

an organisation established in 1985 by KwaNdebele's political elite to realise the KwaNdebele government's drive to incorporate the areas of Moutse and Leandra in order to make the homeland a more viable geographic and political entity. Imbokodo members carried out brutal attacks in which hundreds of ordinary residents were assaulted and killed. These attacks radicalised a previously apolitical population. 'Comrades', in turn, ruthlessly and methodically attacked suspected Imbokodo members and their families. Imbokodo members were therefore both perpetrators and victims of the violence that engulfed and nearly destroyed the homeland from mid-1995 to 1988.

... of the political violence in the former KwaNdebele homeland from mid 1985 to 1988. At the centre of the violence was a vigilante organisation, Imbokodo, led by the pro-independence political elite, targeting UDF aligned residents. This is followed by a special documentary on the people of ...
... of KwaNdebele. He was put there by the South African government but then they lost control over him. As Jack Cronje tells it Ntuli became leader of Imbokodo, a reactionary vigilante group and turned it into his own personal army. They instigated boycotts and committed arson and murder. Ntuli was ...
... Yashinya uMama nge zinyange zingu-ten kuphela.’ Long live the spirit of Portia Ndwandwe, long live! ‘Wathinta abafazi! Uzokufa! Wathinta imbokodo!’ ...
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