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a large knife used as both a tool and a weapon

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... he was also fighting back, but ultimately we killed him. I was carrying a sword or a spear and I kept our(sic) stabbing as well and I was having a panga as ...
MR LEBEA: I was the Commander of this group. The AK47 was left behind in the car because we had discovered that it was not necessary to use it at that venue. We only had a 9mm pistol and a knife, a panga.
knocked and we found that woman called the girlfriend. Then we asked her where is Mr Glad Mokgatle. Mr Mokgatle came from the bedroom and he had a panga in his hand. It was sharpened on both sides. If I have to give the measurement it would be twice the size of my hand. Four of us went into ...
CHAIRPERSON: And your brother, Titus, testified that he had a panga.
MS M MOLETE: I said that my husband was hacked with a panga while he was in the house and then ultimately he was shot from behind on the upper shoulder.
MS BUWA: He was carrying something. I'm not sure whether it was a panga, but it was a black, it was black on the handle.
ADV DU PLESSIS: Right, you see because what I find strange is that Mr Mogoai in his evidence and in his amnesty application on page 33 of the bundle, he testified "I found a panga from one of them whom I later learnt to know as Godolozi."
MR MUSHASHA: My instructions are that you were actually seen chopping the deceased with a panga, what do you say to this?
MR PATEL: If I could maybe jog your memory a little bit, this young boy that was killed in the panga attack was a university student at Mgoyi University. Do you still not remember receiving a report from any of your subordinates regarding such an attack?
How was Hlengiwe hurt? Was she stabbed or was she shot? --- Hlengiwe's head was chopped, apparently with a panga. That was the nature of the injuries, but I didn't see what they used to hurt her.
... happened that night was that they came to your house, they knocked on the door, you fired shots at them and your mother tried to attack them with a panga. What do you say about that? --- That is not true. At the time when they came it shows that they did not come peacefully because they ...
... On arriving there, we met Mr Mavhandu on his way out with another man. When he saw us coming he ran back to his house and came back with a big panga and he went via the other back door and he approached we tried to really defend ourselves because he was running towards us and then he also ...
... at Kuthalo and suddenly people were being assaulted. When I tried to I tried to peep through the window I just received a blow on my head from a panga. I was lost and confused about what was happening because suddenly the situation was no longer calm. We were being beaten up and chased away ...
... three times, but I was not successful. Ndamase told me that the only thing that is needed to kill, to injure this person, was the knives and the pangas before shooting him. Ndamase rushed to fetch the panga and when the other people heard the gunshots went outside, they wanted to know what ...
... and seemingly other people were against his chairmanship. Then my son was attacked. Shots went off and my son fell. The people from Maja took a panga. You know when I looked at my son's head, it had wounds and the eighth one chopped his neck. That's when I went to the hospital to see ...
The one dead man had a small circular wound in his back which looked like a gunshot wound. There were many police and soldiers around and many "witdoeke" within 20 metres. The "witdoeke" were heavily armed with knives, panga's and sticks.
... township, ever person who was not armed at that time would go to his home to arm himself. So when Mvula left, I went inside the house and took my panga and thereafter I heard a noise from Checkers Tavern, then I decided to go back to Checkers Tavern to see what was happening there. Because in ...
... and his wife. A shoot out followed during which Titus Lebea was fairly seriously wounded but they managed to wound van Tonder seriously with the panga. King Lebea, on hearing the shots, charged into the house to assist. He managed to wound Mrs van Tonder but was himself wounded in the ...
MR ZUMA: Panga.
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