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a large knife used as both a tool and a weapon

Was hit with a panga and stabbed with a sharp object in June 1986 in Meadowlands, Soweto, Johannesburg, by hostel-dwellers, some of whom are named. The hostel-dwellers asked Mr Mtseu to show them where other `comrades` lived.
An ANC supporter who was hacked with a panga on the hand by named perpetrators in January 1991 at Lekubu, Bophuthatswana, because he resisted the forced incorporation of the village into Bophuthatswana.
A SANCO member who was hacked with a panga and severely beaten by a named member of the Diboka Gang in Masilo, Theunissen, OFS, on 9 July 1990, during conflict over a consumer boycott in the area. The Diboka Gang was a vigilante group supported by the police and opposed to the UDF and ANC  
An ANC member who was shot and axed with a panga by men wearing balaclavas in Site B, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, on 19 July 1991. After his discharge from hospital he lost all his belongings when his residence in Site C was burnt down during an arson and shooting attack that left a friend dead. See ...
Was hacked to death with a panga at Thelawayeka Wa rd, Paddock, near Port Shepstone, Natal, on 26 October 1990, by an ANC member who believed that Mr Xolo was a gangster aiding the IFP. This was denied by Mr Xolo’s family. One ANC member was granted amnesty for the attack (AC/2000/103).
Was severely injured at Nhlazatshe, KwaZulu, near Pietermaritzburg, on 30 August 1987, when IFP supporters hacked her with a panga while she was being carried on her mother’s back. Her parents were visiting a neighbour, whose house was petrol-bombed by the attackers. Nonjabulo’s father was ...
An ANC supporter who was stabbed with a panga in April 1988 in Lekubu, Bophuthatswana, when named members of the Bophuthatswana Democratic Party attacked the funeral of a community leader. Residents were targeted by supporters of President Mangope and the apartheid regime because they resisted the ...
Was severely hacked with a panga by a named perpetrator during an ANC-organised cultural event on 22 September 1990 in Jwanxa, King William`s Town, Cape. Mr Mjacu had managed to resolve political differences within the community but was attacked on his way home from the meeting. He died in hospital.
Was hacked with a panga and shot by IFP supporters in Sebokeng, Transvaal, on 3 September 1990 during a stayaway and ongoing conflict between IFP and ANC supporters.
An ANC supporter who died when he was hacked with a panga and thrown out of a moving train by IFP supporters in Johannesburg on 29 October 1993. See train violence.
... Town who was severely beaten by local squatter leaders in Crossroads in 1985. He was abducted in 1986 and severely beaten, tortured and hit with a panga on the head while being held for a week at a local informal `jail` run by Witdoeke vigilantes in Crossroads, with the approval of the security ...
Was stabbed to death with a panga on 16 August 1990 in Soweto, Johannes-burg, by IFP supporters who suspected he was an ANC member.
Was hacked to death with a panga and thrown from a train near Denver station, Johannesburg, on 16 December 1990. Between 1990 and 1993, 572 people died in train violence initiated by groups opposed to a democratic transition.
An ANC supporter who was severely injured in a panga attack by IFP supporters in Danganya, Umkomaas, near Durban, on 4 October 1992.
An ANC supporter who was stabbed to death with a panga by named perpetrators in Khutsong, Carletonville, Transvaal, in November 1993 during conflict between COSAS and a newly-elected ANC branch committee in the area.
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