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a large knife used as both a tool and a weapon

look for him at his house? They said we are not here to play. I said, you are coming with war. // Mister Mokgatle came from the bedroom and he had a panga in his hands. It was sharpened on both sides. If I have to give the measurement it would be the size of my hand. Few of us went into the house, ...
Or those still haunted by the horror of a death at the hands not of the enemy, but comrades. The smoke of the necklace or the shining panga still sticking through their dreams.
... It foresaw political demonstrations followed by semi-armed actions by the masses using rudimentary weapons at first, such as sticks, stones and pangas. During 1983 the political military council of the ANC issued a document planning for people’s war. According to this document the ANC ...
... same Dikwankwetla. mob, they tore the shack apart because they were looking for my brother. When my brother came out they chopped his head with a panga. My brother tried to run away but he fell on the street. Each and every one of them wanted to take his part or to make his share, then they ...
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