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Bonteheuwel Military Wing

A semi-formal clandestine group of mainly teenagers and school pupils who engaged in militant protest actions in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town.

... certain things happened and I was instructed also, like, to do things and in the same time I got involved with the people of Bonteheuwel, that is Bonteheuwel Military Wing. Although we have done things that we are not very proud of, but the reasons why we have done it we are proud of them, ...
MR PAPIER: Were you at that stage aware of the Bonteheuwel military wing of the ANC?
... over there. I use to be Craig Williams running on the name Craig Botha. I later joined up with an organisation the BMW. It is, BMW stands for Bonteheuwel Military Wing and then at a later stage in life we joined up with the arms struggle, MK and especially to those children out there I just ...
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