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Cradock Four

Four Eastern Cape UDF activists were abducted and assassinated by members of the security police on 27 June 1985 as they drove back to Cradock from a meeting in Port Elizabeth. The four were Matthew Goniwe, Sparrow Mkonto and Fort Calata from Cradock, and Sicelo Mhlauli from Oudtshoorn. Before their deaths, all had been frequently detained, tortured and harassed by the police. Their deaths sparked a national outcry and resulted in street protests in many regions across the country.

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... previous opportunity he said and he gave evidence under oath and I'm going to try and summarise - that before him and others he was at a meeting in Cradock, this is now Snyman, in his capacity as Head of Security, where certain ministers were also present. There was a discussion between him and ...
CHAIRPERSON: Just for the record, this is the application in respect of the killing of what is known to be, or who is known to be the Cradock 4 of Messrs Eric Alexander Taylor in matter 3917/96, Gerhardus Johannes Lotz, matter number 3921/96, Nicolaas Jakobus Janse van Rensburg, matter 3919/96, ...
MR BIZOS:: Why do you say that the Security Police in Cradock would not have supported this?
MR BOOYENS: You make the statement on the last paragraph of page 59, the operation and possible elimination of the Cradock 4 was discussed at an earlier opportunity, etc. What do you mean by that?
MR TAYLOR: What had happened was - I just have to say fist, before the operation it was the task in Cradock as well as in Port Elizabeth - we received information that they received on the VH11 that they would attend a meeting that day. At that stage there was no surely which combination of the ...
MR BOOYENS: Mr Van Rensburg, the situation in Cradock specifically, as far as that is concerned, were you aware that there was a meeting in February 1985 which was attended by the Minister of Law and Order, Minister Louis le Grange? Barend du Plessis was at that stage the Minister of Black ...
numbered 1 to 4. Number 1 should be Port Elizabeth and Cradock,
REVD FINCA: We are going to call upon Monwabisi Makhawula. We are trying to finish the issue, the incidents of Cradock before we go to lunch. Reverend Xundu?
in Xhoza. I was just telling those people who do not understand Xhoza, what to do. We welcome you in this hearing of the Truth Commission, here in Cradock. We thank you for your presence in this hearing and we thank you for accompanying the people who will be testifying in front of the ...
ADV DU PLESSIS: Would Captain Venter at that stage have visited the security branch office at Cradock?
gruesome killing of those four, the Cradock Four. One of the reasons why we started the
MR MAMASELA: The minibus was almost, it was far from the airport but towards the road leading to Cradock and the minibus was parked under a tree next to the road. So I climbed into the minibus and next to the minibus there was another brownish car, I think it was a toyota motor car and in it I saw ...
"from Captain van Zyl to monitor intensively the three activists from Cradock and this was giving a spiralling increase to the chaos and archaic activity in Cradock and Port Elizabeth’s black townships. During this time the close relationship between Goniwe and his cohorts came to the fore. It ...
ADV BOOYENS: The incident took place in May 1995, in Cradock and Port Elizabeth, is that correct?
MR BIZOS: You will see that this a report from Cradock to, I assume Port Elizabeth made by Major Winter. Do you see that?
MR NYOKA: Mr Chairman, I am Mpumelelo Nyoka. I'm acting for Mr Ngala who is apparently mentioned. I've been instructed by Cradock to be on a watching brief to safeguard his interests, that's all. I play no big role in this matter, thank you.
MRS SIZILA: I stay here in Cradock, so did my husband in 1963. In 1963 he was imprisoned and was taken to Robben Island.
Sakkie van Zyl before we left asked me to return to them, orrather to meet with them in Cradock a day or two later. I donot remember why the interrogation took place at Cradock but acceptedthat the purpose was that they were to be kept outside of thearea where they operated. I was going to ...
MR LOTZ: We were - at several times we went to Cradock where there was unrest and we helped to re-establish and we helped to re-establish order so that normal people who were not part of the political activities, that they could carry on with a normal life in those.
... application by the applicant for amnesty pertaining to an incident when he as part of a group of people attack the occupants of a farmhouse in the Cradock area, and in the course of this attack the farmer, Mr Cronjé was shot and killed and his wife was shot and injured and there were also a ...
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