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an armoured personnel carrier used by SADF and SAP

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MS DLAMINI: As I was peeping through the window I could see the last one was going through the gate and I saw the hippo at the corner of that street.
MR DA SILVA: So can I ask you this, do you know what a Hippo is? Mr Baloyi, do you know what a Hippo is?
MS M MOLETE: They were not far away from our shack, they were being followed by a Hippo in the direction of the firms.
Ms Molete, in your mind, does a Hippo and a Koyoco one and the same thing?
MR LOWIES: Do you know the difference between a Hippo and a police Casspir?
MS SEROKE: We welcome both of you. Tetiswa on the 31st of July 1993, you went through an accident where you were hit by a hippo while walking on the street. Can you explain as to what happened on that day and also as to why you were run over by the hippo?
... came to me. He said that the previous day, on Sunday, it was Themba, Themba Dumizwene and himself, when they were approaching Mashlole's shop, the hippo came with the soldiers. It came towards them. When they were trying to run away the hippo came. They then, the hippo then ran over ...
and we decided that we could not go back to our houses, we would rather wait at the grounds in case they come back. And as we were milling around a Hippo came ...
This man then went and when he got to the corner house, there were hippo's standing there and they stopped it, the car and told the children to get out and searched it and wanted to know who was this person going with, then this man said he is with me.
When I came back from church, we discovered that the youth were now preparing for the meeting at about two o'clock. When I passed by the shops a soldier's hippo was driving by, it had four boys on the top.
As we were going out, it is only the family, the Kamati family that was chased. When the Kombi that was transporting the family, a hippo chased us. A helicopter also harassed us and second street from our home, a helicopter flew just about above us and their was a Kombi facing us on the other ...
MS MAYA: In your statement you said that while visiting your friend you saw a hippo going to where you were staying. What happened after that?
were busy shooting. They were shooting the people living in the surroundings of the church. There ensued a fight, and the police from the top in a Hippo came down to this particular area where there was a fight. Now, the people decided they didn't want to run because they believed that the ...
And then I noticed there was a Hippo that was open. I noticed that this Hippo was full of Witdoeke, who disembarked and they came directly to me. So I didn't go out of KTC. I went back and then they were shooting some things at the shacks to ignite them, fire. And as I was running the shacks ...
They tied him on the Hippo, the Casper. The Casper dragged him and they discarded him around some bushes in Wattville. They thought he was dead when they left him there.
Mr Mkhize, just on the question of the weapons training which you underwent at Camp Hippo in the Caprivi, because you know what we're talking about when we talk about Camp Hippo, don't you? --- No, I'm hearing for the first time from you.
MS MTHEMBU: The way this girl told us she said it was a hippo and a White policeman jumped off the hippo and shot him.
It was around past one at night. My child stayed at Biso, I stay at Motsesane. They have their own house. At night when they were sleeping, a Hippo came and they knocked at the door. As they were knocking, Rebecca woke up Freddy. As Rebecca woke up Freddy she said here is the police.
MS KIVA: He was in a Hippo and he told me that Witbooi is dead. When I tried to cry he said, why do you cry, your dog is dead.
MR MYEZA: We parked a hippo near his house. Sbonga Dlamini, who had a teargas canister in his hand then got off.
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