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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 1, Chapter 12

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Regional office reports: Cape Town office3921 to 6 Read
Subsection 2Cape Town office continued 3937 to 14 Read
Subsection 3Cape Town office - Method of work39515 to 22 Read
Subsection 4Work of the regional office 39623 to 30 Read
Subsection 5Work of the regional office continued 39831 to 44 Read
Subsection 6Work of the regional office continued 40045 to 53 Read
Subsection 7Work of the regional office continued 40254 to 55Read
Subsection 8Work of the regional office continued 40456 to 57 Read
Subsection 9Working with other organisations 40658 to 63 Read
Subsection 10Working with other organisations continued 40764 to 73Read
Subsection 11Durban office4111 to 10 Read
Subsection 12Durban office: Method of work41311 to 24Read
Subsection 13Work of the comission 41525 to 36Read
Subsection 14Working with other organisations037 to 44Read
Subsection 15East London office 4231 to 9 Read
Subsection 16East London office : Method of work 42510 to 21 Read
Subsection 17Work of the commission 42722 to 35Read
Subsection 18Work of the commission continued 43036 Read
Subsection 19Working with other organisations 43237 to 47 Read
Subsection 20Johannesburg regional office 4351 to 6Read
Subsection 21Johannesburg office: Method of work4367 to 15Read
Subsection 22Method of work continued 43816 to 22Read
Subsection 23Work of the commission 43923 to 33Read
Subsection 24Work of the commission continued 44134 to 43Read
Subsection 25Work of the commission continued 44344 Read
Subsection 26Working with other organisations 44745 to 48 Read
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