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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 2, Chapter 2

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Introduction 421 to 9 Read
Subsection 2Conventional warfare 4410 to 19Read
Subsection 3Operation Reindeer: the attacks on Kassinga and Chetequera camps4620 to 27 Read
Subsection 4Operation Reindeer continued 4928 to 38 Read
Subsection 5Operation Reindeer continued 5239 to 48 Read
Subsection 6The State Security Council and Angola5549 to 59Read
Subsection 7The State Security Council and Angola continued 5860 to 69Read
Subsection 8The economic and human costs of the Angolan War6070 to 72 Read
Subsection 9Police and military counter-insurgency operations in south west Africa6173 to 76Read
Subsection 10Changes in human rights violations over time 6277 to 83 Read
Subsection 11Categories of abuses6484 to 94Read
Subsection 12The case of the Chetequera/Mariental detainees6795 to 97 Read
Subsection 13Extra-judicial executions and killings6998 to 111Read
Subsection 14Killings, intimidation and harassment of civilians72112 to 122Read
Subsection 15The case of Jona Hamukwaya76123 to 125 Read
Subsection 16Pre-election events in 1989 & the assassination of Anton Lubowski / Breach of cease-fire agreement77126 to 136Read
Subsection 17Aksie Kontra 435 / CCB covert operations / The killing of Anton Lubowski80137 to 146Read
Subsection 18The killing of Anton Lubowski continued 82147 to 157 Read
Subsection 19Police and military counter-insurgency operations in Zambia, pre-independence Rhodesia and in Zimbabwe85158 to 173 Read
Subsection 20Surrogate-force insurgency operations / Operation Drama88174 to 188 Read
Subsection 21Police and military counter-insurgency operations in Mozambique and Angola: Operation Alter/Mila and Silwer/Disa93189 to 199Read
Subsection 22Police and military counter-insurgency operations in Lesotho: Operation Latsa95200 to 206 Read
Subsection 23Police and military cross-border operations 97207 to 210Read
Subsection 24Assassinations and attempted assassinations99211 to 224 Read
Subsection 25Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 102225 to 235Read
Subsection 26Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 105236 to 244Read
Subsection 27Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 107245 to 260Read
Subsection 28Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 110261 to 272Read
Subsection 29Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 112273 to 290Read
Subsection 30Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 116291 to 304 Read
Subsection 31Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 118299 to 316 Read
Subsection 32Assassinations and attempted assassinations continued 121317 to 326Read
Subsection 33Abductions 123327 to 339 Read
Subsection 34Abductions continued 126340 to 358Read
Subsection 35Abductions continued 129359 to 369 Read
Subsection 36Border/entrapment killings132370 to 376Read
Subsection 37Special operations of a sensitive or covert nature: the CCB134377 to 385Read
Subsection 38Special operations of a sensitive or covert nature: the CCB continued 137386 to 397 Read
Subsection 39Special operations of a sensitive or covert nature: the CCB continued140398 to 418Read
Subsection 40Cross-border military operations/raids144419 to 441 Read
Subsection 41Cross-border military operations/raids continued149442 to 463 Read
Subsection 42Sabotage and arson 154464 to 476Read
Subsection 43Sabotage and arson continued 157477 to 492 Read
Subsection 44Unconventional military operations - the attempted overthrow of the Seychelles government160493 to 499 Read
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