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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 3, Chapter 5

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Overview of the region: The Western Cape province / The Northern Cape province 3901 to 8 Read
Subsection 2Socio-political features 3919 to 12Read
Subsection 3Overview of violations - Violations reported 39213 to 18 Read
Subsection 4Political affiliation of victims / Perpetrator groups 39419 to 23Read
Subsection 51960–1975: Overview / Overview of violations 39524 to 30 Read
Subsection 6Public order policing: the anti-pass campaign / The Langa shootings 39631 to 43Read
Subsection 7PAC/Poqo activities 39944 to 56 Read
Subsection 8Detentions and torture 40257 to 67 Read
Subsection 9Deaths in detention 40568 Read
Subsection 101976–1982: Overview / Overview of violations 40769 to 73 Read
Subsection 11Detention, torture and trials / The detention and torture of Yusuf Gabru 40874 to 76 Read
Subsection 12Detention and torture following the 1980 protests 40977 to 80Read
Subsection 13Deaths in detention 41181 Read
Subsection 14The 1976 Uprising 41382 to 91 Read
Subsection 151980–1981 school boycotts 41692 to 98 Read
Subsection 161983–1989: Overview41899 to 106 Read
Subsection 17Overview of violations / Public order policing in the Peninsula 419107 to 108 Read
Subsection 18Crossroads, February 1985 / 1985 Pollsmoor march and aftermath 420109 to 114 Read
Subsection 191985 Pollsmoor march and aftermath continued 421115 Read
Subsection 20Aftermath: The Peninsula erupts 423116 to 124 Read
Subsection 21Security force units involved in public order policing 425125 to 129 Read
Subsection 22Resurgence of public protest: the Defiance Campaign, 1989 / Election day, 6 September 1989 426130 to 136 Read
Subsection 23Public order policing in rural areas 428137 to 146 Read
Subsection 24Public order policing in rural areas continued 430147 to 153Read
Subsection 25Public order policing in rural areas continued 432154 to 166Read
Subsection 26The Trojan Horse and other ambush tactics 435167 to 176 Read
Subsection 27The Bongolethu Three shooting 437177 to 181Read
Subsection 28Detentions 439182 to 188Read
Subsection 29Torture / Torture and assault under section 29 440189 to 199Read
Subsection 30Torture prior to terrorism trials 443200 to 105Read
Subsection 31Torture in rural areas 444206 to 121Read
Subsection 32Torture in rural areas continued 446213 to 217Read
Subsection 33Northern Cape 448218 to 226Read
Subsection 34Killing of political suspects450227 to 228Read
Subsection 35Killing of political suspects continued 453228Read
Subsection 36Killing of political suspects continued 455228 Read
Subsection 37Killing of political suspects continued 458228Read
Subsection 38Killing of political suspects continued 459229 to 234 Read
Subsection 39Civil Co-operation Bureau (CCB) covert operations 461235 to 241Read
Subsection 40Vigilantes and Inter-Group Conflicts: Contra-mobilisation 463242 to 250 Read
Subsection 41The attitude of the state 465251 to 259Read
Subsection 42The attacks 467260 to 268 Read
Subsection 43The court case 470269 to 272Read
Subsection 44Crossroads and Khayelitsha, 1986–1989 / KTC splits: September 1987 – April 1988 / Rural vigilantes 472273 to 281 Read
Subsection 45Violations committed by resistance and revolutionary groupings - Killing of ‘collaborators’: stabbings, necklacings and burnings 475282 to 288 Read
Subsection 46Violations committed by resistance and revolutionary groupings - Killing of ‘collaborators’: stabbings, necklacings and burnings 476289 to 296 Read
Subsection 47Stoning and petrol bomb attacks on commuters / Armed operations by liberation movements 479297 to 308Read
Subsection 48Bonteheuwel Military Wing (BMW) / Links to the UDF and ANC (MK) / Violations by BMW members 482309 to 315 Read
Subsection 49Crackdown by the security forces / Torture of BMW members 483316 to 322 Read
Subsection 501990–1994: Overview / Conflict with local authorities 486323 to 332 Read
Subsection 51Conflict with local authorities continued 488333 to 340 Read
Subsection 52Mass Campaign against the Lingelethu West Town Council / March against the Lingelethu West Town Council, 25 October 1990 / Attacks on town councillors and Lingelethu West staff 489341 to 352 Read
Subsection 53Inter-organisational conflict: the civic movement / Khayelitsha and Strand 493353 to 362 Read
Subsection 54Anonymous violence: ‘balaclavas’ / Lingelethu West councillors 495363 to 369 Read
Subsection 55Former special constables / Criminal gangs / Taxi groupings / ANC self-defence units 497370 to 375 Read
Subsection 56Examples of balaclava-type actions 499376 to 384 Read
Subsection 57Informal settlements: Development and destabilisation / Crossroads501385 to 391 Read
Subsection 58Crossroads under Nongwe: 1990–1993 503392 to 402Read
Subsection 59Violations associated with APLA and PAC supporters / The St James’ Church Massacre 506403 to 411Read
Subsection 60Heidelberg tavern /Other PAC or APLA-linked attacks 508412 to 420 Read
Subsection 61Links to the Transkei / The Killing of Amy Biehl510421 to 426 Read
Subsection 62Violations committed by SDUs / Peninsula SDUs511427 to 432 Read
Subsection 63The Trevor Vilakazi SDU, Site B: 1992–1994 513433 to 440Read
Subsection 64Taxi violence and vigilante activity / Links to other groups / Conclusion 515441 to 449 Read
Subsection 65Violations in rural areas: Northern Cape 517450 to 458 Read
Subsection 66Southern Cape / The Boland War 519459 to 469 Read
Subsection 1tatistics on Violations in the Western Cape: Nature of the violations 5231 to 4 Read
Subsection 2Victim organisations 5245 to 8 Read
Subsection 3Perpetrator organisations 5259 to 11Read
Subsection 4Perpetrator organisations continued 52612 to 14 Read
Subsection 5Perpetrator organisations continued 52715 to 16Read
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