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The TRC hosted numerous hearings focusing on particular sectors and institutions' roles in upholding or opposing apartheid.


These hearings focused on particular sectors and institutions in addressing their submissions to the commission.

Special Hearings

Document TypeDescription
Armed Forces HearingsMajor-General Deon Mortimer, former chief of staff logistics in the SANDF, submitted a report to establish the force's role under the apartheid rule. View All
Business HearingsGovernance largely influences business practices of the day, hence in this hearing, the commission was to establish the role of business during the apartheid regime.View All
Caprivi HearingsThe commission heard of the activities by the IFP hit squad trained in the Caprivi Strip.View All
Chemical and Biological Warfare HearingsThe apartheid government adopted the Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) where toxic substances were sourced, manufactured to use against "the enemy". The commission heard of the use of these highly injurious substances.View All
Children's HearingsThe commission hosted hearings to address cases of torture / abuse against children by the forces of the apartheid government.View All
Conscription HearingsThe TRC examined the consequences of military conscription at this special hearing held in Cape Town.View All
Faith Community HearingsFaith-based organisations and church communities discussed their roles under the apartheid rule, some emerging as beneficiaries, others as victims, while some were clearly opposed to it.View All
Health Sector HearingsThis sitting was to address cases where medical practitioners behaved unethically or contrary to their oath, which is to promote wellness and save lives.View All
Helderberg Flight Special Hearing: In CameraThis is the plane which crashed with 159 people on board and, widespread speculation suggested that it carried explosives and the investigation into its crash was either incompetent or a cover-up.View All
Legal HearingsThe aim of this hearing was to establish the role of the legal system in apartheid's era human rights abuses.View All
Mandela United Football Club HearingsThis was to address the alleged human rights violations committed by the Mandela Football Club.View All
Media HearingsThe commission argued that the failure by leading media institutions to oppose injustices led to the maintenance of the status quo and indirect support for the system. Herein are the transcripts of that hearing.View All
Mental Health WorkshopThe TRC held a workshop on how to address victims who suffered heavy mental distress and to establish also, the inhumane manner in which some mentally disturbed victims may have been handled in health institutions.View All
Political PartyA transcript of the hearing into the United Democratic Front's accountability in perpetuating gross human rights violations committed by its members who felt empowered by the party to commit such acts. These included murder by means of 'necklacing' and property damage, among others.View All
Political Party HearingsThe commission was required to get a complete picture of the cause, nature and extent of gross human rights violations committed by political parties.View All
Political Party RecallsOn this follow-up sitting, the focus was more on the ANC and the NP where the commission interrogated details submitted by these parties at the previous hearing. The spotlight fell on the issue of accountability for gross human rights violations.View All
Prison HearingsThis was to address the atrocious treatment prisoners were subjected to when incarcerated.View All
State Security Council HearingsThe commission needed to understand the inner workings of the security council in order to establish accountability and or responsibility thereof.View All
Trojan Horse HearingsHeld in Athlone, Cape Town, this hearing was to establish the whole truth regarding a police ambush where three people died, two of which were children in 1985.View All
Women's HearingsThe commission heard stories of women who were abused/violated under the apartheid system, which was also very patriarchal in nature.View All
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