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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 3, Time 06:35

Muziwakhe Ngwenya, better known as Thami Zulu or TZ, was one of the ANC’s 1976 recruits. He rose rapidly through the ranks and by 1983 he was head of Umkhonto we Sizwe’s Natal underground machinery and a senior official of the Communist Party. In 1988 one of his senior comrades confessed to having been a spy. TZ was detained by ANC security or Mbokodo, of which he was a senior officer. There was no trial. He became very ill in detention and shortly after his release in November 1989, he died. Despite four internal commissions of inquiry appointed by the ANC no satisfactory explanation for his death has been given. The first inquiry found he was poisoned and that he had TB and AIDS. The ANC this week repeated that the organisation was not to blame for his death. Thami Zulu’s parents pleaded strongly with the Truth Commission this week.

Notes: MKs training; MK Training camp

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An MK commander in charge of MK’s Natal military machinery, was recalled from Swaziland to Lusaka, Zambia, in 1987, on suspicion of being a South African agent. He was held in custody for two years and then released. Shortly thereafter, he was admitted to hospital in Lusaka, but died two days ...
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