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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 2 of Episode 32

01:15APLA as a unit, that is APLA high command, is shouldering responsibility of all the activities that took place since its inception in 1961 till the cut-off date that is May 1994.Full Transcript and References
01:36The APLA attack on the St James congregation in 1993 was one of the most vicious. Letlapa Mphahlele ordered the attack. Charl van Wyk was one of the survivors. On Friday they met in the PAC offices in Cape Town.Full Transcript and References
01:54On the 25th of July 1993 four gunmen burst into the St James Church in Kenilworth and opened fire on the congregation gathered for the evening service. The attack left 11 people dead and more than 50 wounded. This week the man who gave the order for the attack, Letlapa Mphahlele, met one of those that managed to survive the hail of bullets. For Charl van Wyk it was the first step in his crusade to ultimately meet Khaya Mkomo the young man serving a life sentence for the attack. But for now it was the ex PAC commander and the young Christian survivor who faced each other and the memories of that terrible night.Full Transcript
02:39Obviously you nearly died. // Yes. // How did you survive … that night? // I was sitting when the shooting started and a bullet must have passed about half a meter from me, that’s the closest that I know of. It could have been other shrapnel, but from where I was sitting that was the closest mark that I could see. The other marks were on the wall behind me but they could have come even closer. But I don’t know of it, it was too far away to tell. But I don’t think there is a physical dimension; I think there is only a spiritual dimension in that arena. I think it is only by the grace of God. God obviously wanted me in his great authority and mercy to not be killed on that evening. So, and that’s why I want to see Khaya too because I believe I have a great message to tell him. You know I have the message of the Gospel, I mean Christ came, he died for our sins. Khaya could be used by God as a great man in South Africa. He can be used by God to bring ‘versoening’ ...moreFull Transcript
06:14Both men seemed eager to help each other with what they wanted. They were planning to attend a service in St James Church together and to visit Khaya Makoma in prison. Charl van Wyk also pledged to help the PAC commander in his crusade to meet with other survivors of PAC attacks.Full Transcript
06:35… go for a gun if the government is ruled by a minority that has allocated itself the right to rule the majority, but I know that war is evil and from time to time we rationalize it, some time we view it as a necessary evil. Some people will call it just war; others will call it holy war. By so doing I’m not saying I’m following the wrong side, actually I’m convinced that I follow the right side for the right cause, but the injuries that individuals suffered need to be healed and those who are living, like you and I, should see to it that we heal the wounds.Full Transcript
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