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BIKO, Steven Bantu


A banned senior member of the Black Consciousness Movement who sustained severe brain injuries while being interrogated by members of the Port Elizabeth Security Branch on 6 September 1977. He died of his injuries on 12 September 1977 after being transported in the back of a police vehicle some 1200 km to the Pretoria Central Prison hospital. Five members of the Port Elizabeth Security Branch applied for amnesty for his death, claiming that the injuries had been inflicted accidentally during a violent scuffle. Amnesty was refused (AC/1999/0020).

When one talks about torture and murder in the Eastern Cape how can one not think of Steven Bantu Biko? // No evidence on his death at the hands of police interrogators in 1977 was heard at the Truth Commission because his widow Ntsiki Biko, still prefers a criminal prosecution to the Truth ...
seventies. They were also inspired by the success of Marxist FRELIMO in Mozambique and the MPLA in Angola. The giant of this period was Steven Bantu Biko, leader of the Black Consciousness Movement. // ‘Any changes which are to come can only come as a result of a programme worked out by black ...
hearings in Port Elizabeth. South Africans are known as a nation with a short memory, but the one hero that has never been forgotten is Steven Bantu Biko who died 20 years ago this week in a police cell. But while we remembered Biko some of the men whose actions caused his death, seem to be ...
car bomb that killed three policemen in Motherwell, the murders of the Pebco Three, the Cradock Four, Siphiwo Mtimkulu, Topsy Mdaka and Steven Bantu Biko. The judgements in all these cases are still pending, but the amnesty committee has refused him amnesty for the 1985 assault of UDF activist ...
Steven Bantu Biko was arrested on 18 August 1977. At the Walmer police station he was kept naked and alone in a cell for 20 days. He was handcuffed and chained to a grill. Less than a month later he died of severe head injuries, alone, on a cell floor in the Pretoria prison hospital.
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