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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter G

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GANGQA, Nomutile Virginia 58An ANC supporter who was shot dead by a named ADM member in King William’s Town, Cape, on 24 April 1993 during political conflict over the reimposition of the headman system.References
GANGQA, Patrick Sikhumbuzo 32An ANC supporter who was stripped naked and beaten by members of the Ciskei Defence Force (CDF) and ADM at King William’s Town, Cape, in 1992, allegedly because of his opposition to the References
GANJANA, Solomon Ntobeko KokoHis home and belongings were destroyed in an arson attack in Nyanga Extension, near Crossroads, Cape Town, in May 1986, during the mass destruction of UDF-supporting squatter camps by Witdoeke vigilantes, acting with the tacit approval and aid of the security forces.References
GANTA, Mutana 65He had his business and vehicles set alight by members of the ‘Zim-Zim’ faction of the ANC-aligned Khutsong Youth Congress (KYC) and members of the SAP in Khutsong, Carletonville, Transvaal, during 1991. The SAP took advantage of the internal conflict in the KYC and used one faction of the organisation against the other. This resulted in the deaths of at least seventeen people before a peace deal was brokered in May 1991.References
GANTA, Vuyiswa Ann 34She had her property damaged in 1991 when ANC-aligned members of the Khutsong Youth Congress split into two factions in Khutsong, Carletonville, Transvaal. The ‘Zim-Zim’ faction attacked the home during conflict with the ‘Gaddaffi’ faction.References
GANTOLO, Malungisa Big-Boy20A student activist who was shot and injured and then detained by a named member of the SAP in Burgersdorp, Cape, on 12 October 1985.References
GANYA, Dlevalile John42A PAC supporter who was detained, severely beaten and deprived of medical treatment in Pietermaritzburg on 7 November 1977. Mr Ganya had been arrested and tortured frequently since 1963 because of his political affiliation.References
GANYA, Siyolo Sisa Lungelo37A UDF supporter who was stabbed and severely injured by IFP supporters in Imbali, Pietermaritzburg, on 11 August 1996, during political conflict.References
GAOBUSE, Olebogeng Samuel18Was whipped with a sjambok by members of the Bophuthatswana Police in Motsweding, Bophuthatswana, on 21 November 1993. Mr Goebese was arrested while participating in a march to hand over a memorandum to the chief.References
GARNET-BENNET (first name not given)Was severely injured when members of MK’s ‘Dolphin Unit’ detonated an explosive in a car near the Krugersdorp Magistrate’scourt and the adjacent police station, Transvaal, on 16 March 1988. Three people were killed and more than twenty were injured in the blast. Two MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2001/003).References
GASA, Beatrice46An Inkatha supporter whose house was attacked by ANC supporters at Ntuzuma, near Durban, on 17 February 1990. Her husband was killed in the attack.References
GASA, Bonowakhe William31A prominent UDF official who was shot and left to die in a cornfield at Swayimane, Table Mountain, near Pietermaritzburg, on 6 January 1990. His four attackers, including a Special Constable, a member of the SAP and an employee of the KwaZulu Government, were seen leaving the home of a local Inkatha leader before the attack.References
GASA, Dabukeleni Arosia55An ANC supporter whose home in Pietermaritzburg was burnt down on 28 March 1990 during the Seven Day War. References
GASA, Daniel MfanafuthiA UDF supporter who was shot and killed when a group of Inkatha supporters and Caprivi trainees attacked a UDF meeting in a house at Mpumalanga, KwaZulu, near Durban, on 18 January 1988. Nine people were killed and an estimated two hundred people were injured in the attack. The group went on to destroy around eight houses. One former Inkatha member was granted amnesty (AC/1999/0332).References
GASA, David Sponono57An ANC supporter who had his house burnt down by named Inkatha supporters and members of the SAP at Umlazi, Durban, on 11 August 1985. The incident took place after Mr Gasa had made a press statement mentioning the name of the person who led the attack on Victoria Mxenge’s funeral service, where seventeen people died.References
GASA, Emmanuel Bongani (aka ‘Martin’) 26An MK operative who from Amanzimtoti, Natal, was shot dead by Vlakplaas operatives in Swaziland on 12 June 1988 after he and a fellow operative had escorted four MK operatives to the South African border. Mr Gasa’s car was set alight and his body burnt. Mr Gasa’s companion s urvived the ambush. The four MK operatives escorted to the border were shot dead later on the same night in an ambush by Vlakplaas and Eastern Transvaal Security Branch operatives near Piet Retief, Transvaal.References
GASA, Goodness Delile36Her home was burnt down by ANC supporters at Port Shepstone, Natal, on 9 May 1991 in ongoing conflict between IFP and ANC supporters in the area.References
GASA, Gotiza Annastasia47An ANC supporter whose house was set alight by IFP supporters in Ntuzuma, near Durban, in 1991, in ongoing political conflict in the area.References
GASA, Mabhinini Mabbie50An ANC supporter whose house at Umbumbulu, KwaZulu, near Durban, was burnt down by Inkatha supporters on 24 October 1986. One family member was shot and stabbed to death during this attack.References
GASA, MuntuAn IFP supporter who was killed by unidentified persons at Imbali, Pietermaritzburg, in 1991, allegedly because he had information related to individuals trained by Caprivi.References
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