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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MAK-MAM

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MAKA, JohannesAn ANC supporter who died after he had been severely beaten by members of the SAP while in detention at Bizana, Transkei, in 1960, during the Pondoland revolt. See Pondoland revolt. References
MAKA, Lydia 28Was killed by armed men who boarded a Soweto-bound train at Jeppe station and began their attack as the train passed through George Goch station on 13 September 1990. The attackers moved through three carriages, killing around 26 people. See train violence.References
MAKA, Nopikisa Angelina 58An Inkatha member who sustained burn wounds when her home in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu, near Durban, was petrol-bombed by UDF supporters on 9 July 1989.References
MAKAE, Maferong Jacob 61A Dikwankwetla National Party (DNP) supporter who had his house set alight in an arson attack by ANC supporters in Botshabelo, near Bloemfontein, on 29 August 1989, allegedly because of his support for the DNP.References
MAKAFE, Ntombomzi 10Was shot by a member of the Municipal Police on 12 September 1986 while she was playing in the backyard of a house in Grahamstown, Cape. The incident took place on a day of tension between the community and the police. Unknown persons began shooting at the police who retaliated.References
MAKAI, Lungile Edward 47A UDF supporter who was shot dead by members of the SAP in Javuka Street, Port Elizabeth, on 26 May 1985 during conflict between UDF and AZAPO supporters in the area.References
MAKAI, Maluse Adam 55Was stoned and lashed in Pietersburg, Transvaal, on 19 January 1981 during a period of rivalry between two chiefs. The victim supported Chief Lerumo and was assaulted by Chief Mapela`s supporters.References
MAKALELA, Robert Matshediso 25Was injured when a limpet mine planted by MK operatives exploded during lunchtime at the Wimpy restaurant in Benoni, Transvaal, on 30 July 1988. One woman was killed and at least 66 people were injured. Four MK operatives were granted amnesty for the planning and execution of the attack (AC/1999/0294).References
MAKALUZA, Ellen 35A Nyanga resident who was beaten and stabbed to death by migrant workers from the hostels in Nyanga, Cape Town, on 27 December 1976 during political conflict between Nyanga residents and hostel-dwellers during the Christmas 1976 period.References
MAKAMA, Nambono Annie 47Her home was damaged in an arson attack by `comrades` in Nelspruit, Transvaal, in 1986 because her husband was suspected of spying for the chief. The Inyandza National Movement attempted to impose a new chief in the KaNgwane homeland. Those opposed to the homeland assaulted Inyandza members and the magistrate set to preside over proceedings to institute the new chief.References
MAKANDA, Ntombentsha Jeanette 23Was severely assaulted by ANC supporters in Lusaka, Zambia. on 5 May 1985. She was accused of being an informer for the South African government.References
MAKAPELA, Zwelandile 28Was shot dead by members of the Ciskei Defence Force (CDF) in Bisho, Ciskei, on 7 September 1992 during an ANC protest march to demand free political activity in Ciskei. Thirty people were killed and two hundred people were injured in what became known as the Bisho massacre. Two members of the former CDF were refused amnesty for the shooting (AC/2000/122).References
MAKAPHELA, Nomagubu Daphney 20Was stabbed by members of the `Gadaffi` faction of the ANC-aligned Khutsong Youth Congress (KYC) in Khutsong, Careletonville, Transvaal, in November 1990 as she returned from the funeral of a member of the `Zim-Zim` faction of the KYC.References
MAKASI, Manfred Zolile 28Was shot dead by members of the SAP in Nyanga, Cape Town, on 28 August 1985, during the police crackdown on the Pollsmoor march. Twenty eight people were shot dead by police in the aftermath of the march and in the days that followed. See Pollsmoor march. References
MAKASI, Miliya Miriam 15She had her head covered with plastic and was severely beaten by named members of the SAP at a hostel in KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage, Cape, in June 1986. The torture was perpetrated in an attempt to find out the location of her boyfriend. References
MAKASI, Siphiwo 17A UDF supporter who was shot and injured by members of the SAP, one of whom is named, during intense political conflict in Burgersdorp, Cape, on 20 June 1986.References
MAKASO, ThulaniAn MK operative who was detained and tortured at Protea police station, Bophuthatswana, in September 1987 after his arrest while entering the country via Botswana after military training in Angola.References
MAKATESI, Pumelele Action 28A PAC supporter who was shot by police while participating in a Poqo march to the police station in Paarl, Cape, on 21 November 1962. Two Paarl residents were killed by the marchers and five marchers were shot dead. Mr Makatesi was then convicted of sabotage and sentenced to eighteen years` imprisonment on Robben Island, Cape Town.References
MAKATHINI, Wintombi Bongekile 21She had her house burnt down by IFP supporters in Sonkombo, Ndwedwe, KwaZulu, near Durban, on 16 March 1994. See Sonkombo arson attacks.References
MAKATSHANE, Sampson Sandile Mshoniswa 58An ANC supporter who was burnt to death in his car by Inkatha supporters in KwaMashu, Durban, on 11 March 1990.References
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