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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MAR-MAS

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MASANABO, Petrus Paulus 30Was severely beaten and shot in the head by members of the SAP in Vlaklaagte, KwaNdebele, in April 1984 because he refused to join the Imbokodo vigilante group during conflict over incorporation.References
MASANABO, Simon BabiliWas abducted and burnt to death by `comrades` in Siyabuswa, KwaNdebele, on 1 June 1986 during conflict over proposed independence which engulfed KwaNdebele between May and September 1986.References
MASANG, Ntombifikile Nesta 41She had her home at Inanda, near KwaMashu, Durban, burnt down in June 1993 during intense conflict between ANC and IFP supporters in the area.References
MASANGANE, Mozi Benjamin 48He had his house burnt down by `comrades` in Klau-Klau, White River, Transvaal, on 19 May 1986 because he was a friend of the local chief believed to be a puppet of the apartheid government.References
MASANGO, AaronA UDF supporter who was abducted by Imbokodo vigilantes in 1986, and taken to Almansdrift Hall in KwaNdebele where he was beaten with sjamboks, in an attempt to force him to join Imbokodo.References
MASANGO, Andile Geoffrey 23Was detained for four months at Oudtshoorn, Cape, in 1985, after being implicated in the killing of a local councillor.References
MASANGO, Aubrey Benjamin Mzukisi 25Was arrested during political conflict at Oudtshoorn, Cape, during 1985, and detained for six months.References
MASANGO, Bettie Bacedeni 43Was abducted by Imbokodo vigilantes in 1986, and taken to Almansdrift Hall in KwaNdebele where she was beaten with sjamboks, in an attempt to force her to join Imbokodo.References
MASANGO, Bheki MosesAn ANC activist who was shot dead by alleged members of the SAP in Belfast, Transvaal, during a mass meeting about rent problems on 4 January 1986.References
MASANGO, DavidWas injured when MK operatives detonated an explosive in a car outside the South African Air Force (SAAF) headquarters in Church Street, Pretoria, on 20 May 1983. Twenty-one people were killed and 217 injured. The overall commander of MK`s Special Operations Unit and two MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2001/003 and AC/2001/023). See Church Street bombing, Pretoria.References
MASANGO, Dina Jeli 69A UDF supporter who had three rondawels in Swayimane, Table Mountain, near Pietermaritzburg, burnt down by Inkatha supporters in 1989.References
MASANGO, GeorgeWas shot dead by members of the SAP in Siyabuswa, KwaNdebele, in July 1986 during clashes over the proposed independence of KwaNdebele.References
MASANGO, Herbert Mnindwa 20Was shot and severely injured by Imbokodo vigilantes in KwaNdebele in 1986 on a bus taking protesters back from a rally against the employment of kitskonstabels. Resistance to incorporation forced vigilantes and KwaNdebele officials to flee the area in July 1986. KwaNdebele police then regrouped vigilantes as kitskonstabels, legitimising their activity in a second drive for independence.References
MASANGO, Johannes 45Was beaten to death by members of the SADF near the Moloto military base at Walmansthal, Transvaal, on 3 February 1981 for allegedly being in a place reserved for `whites`.References
MASANGO, Lindiwe SusanaWas shot dead, by members of the SAP, in Tsakane, Brakpan, Transvaal, on 22 July 1985, the day of a COSAS member`s funeral in Tsakane. Police claim they opened fire because mourners began destroying property.References
MASANGO, Mandla MbhekiseniWas shot and wounded when ANC security guards opened fire from the ANC headquarters at Shell House, Johannesburg, on a crowd of IFP marchers, on 28 March 1994. At least nine marchers were killed and around 100 injured. Ten ANC security guards were granted amnesty (AC/2000/142).References
MASANGO, Michael Phakama 24Was shot in the left hip in Mamelodi, Pretoria, when members of the SADF opened fire on participants in a march protesting against high rents on 21 November 1985.References
MASANGO, Mirriam Nomzi 51A UDF supporter who was beaten by named members of the SAP after she and other parents had attempted to intervene in a clash between police and school children at Bongolethu, Oudtshoorn, Cape, on 29 April 1985. She was then arrested and tear-gassed in her cell at the police station.References
MASANGO, Ronnie Buyaphi (aka 'Singer Ranhloba') 18An MK member who was incarcerated by ANC security on several occasions between 1983 and 1990 in both Angola and Tanzania. During his incarceration he was severely tortured.References
MASANGO, Samuel Dingaan 36Was one of eighteen people injured in a limpet mine explosion at a bus stop near the Checkers shopping complex in Silverton, Transvaal, on 4 July 1986. Four MK operatives were granted amnesty for the attack (AC/1999/0257).References
Showing 101 to 120 of 459
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