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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MAR-MAS

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MARTINS, Bongani 21Was shot dead and his body was burnt in Bekkersdal, near Westonaria, Transvaal, during conflict between ANC, AZAPO and IFP supporters on 22 December 1991.References
MARTINS, Bryn Lowis Kabelu 19A UDF supporter who was assaulted and deprived of food while in detention in Virginia, OFS, in April 1985. He was arrested with three others, allegedly while trying to leave the country.References
MARTINS, DeonA civilian who was injured when APLA operatives opened fire on a vehicle travelling from Zastron to Sterkspruit in the Orange Free State on 18 March 1992. In the attack, one person was shot dead while he lay injured next to the car. Mr Martins was severely injured. Two managed to escape unhurt. See APLA attacks. 0ne APLA member was granted amnesty (AC/2000/148). See Zastron road ambush.References
MARTINS, Joel GeorgeAn MK operative who was assaulted and tortured by members of the Witwaters-rand Security Branch at John Vorster Square, Johannesburg, during 1988. A Witwatersrand Security Branch operative was granted amnesty for the torture (AC/2001/275). References
MARUBINI, Funzani Joyce 32A Namakgale Youth Congress (NYC) member who was detained during a meeting of the NYC. Ms Marubini was ordered to undress and was sjambokked by members of the SAP in Namakgale, Lebowa, on 21 March 1986 because the homeland government saw UDF-aligned youth as a political theat.References
MARUFANE, Mildred 51Was shot in the leg in Alexandra, Johannesburg, while attending the night vigil of a friend on March 27 1991. The night vigil was attacked, 13 people were killed and 17 injured. Five IFP supporters were arrested for the attack but were found not guilty and discharged.References
MARULA, Patrick Pheteswayo 27Was severely beaten by members of the SAP in Bushbuckridge, Lebowa, on 28 February 1990 when they attacked a crowd celebrating the release of Nelson Mandela. Mr Marula was also detained and tortured in 1993 for attending a community meeting.References
MARUME, NdikoA NACTU member who was severely injured when named police officers and Witdoeke attacked striking mineworkers at Zamdela, Sasolburg, Orange Free State (OFS) on 2 October 1987. He died in police custody shortly after the attack.References
MARUMO, Alfred TokoWas shot dead by `comrades` in Sharpeville, Vereeniging, Transvaal, in May 1992. Sharpeville, like many other Transvaal townships, was embroiled in conflict between ANC and IFP supporters in the early 1990s.References
MARUMO, Baslius MatlogelwaWas detained without trial for two weeks in April 1986 in Siyabuswa, Kwa-Ndebele, because he held illegal meetings and encouraged resistance to incorporation into KwaNdebele. While in detention he was deprived of medical attention.References
MARUMO, Elizabeth Lesholobe 70Was stabbed and hacked to death while sick in bed in Soweto, Johannes-burg, on 8 September 1991 by IFP supporters returning from a rally at the Jabulani stadium. Members of the SAP allegedly shot open the door for the perpetrators.References
MARUMO, James December 23Was one of four youths shot dead by members of the SAP in Colesberg, Cape, on 3 July 1985, after extensive unrest broke out in the township.References
MARUMO, Maki Martha 15Was shot and injured in Sebokeng, Transvaal, on 20 September 1992 when IFP supporters tried to pull her into a car and then shot her several times. Drive-by shootings occurred often during conflict in the Vaal Triangle in the early 1990s.References
MARUMO, MaletsatsiWas killed by members of an ANC self-defence unit (SDU) near Small Farms, Transvaal, on 14 June 1993. Ms Marumo was believed to be an IFP supporter. One perpetrator was granted amnesty (AC/1999/0343).References
MARUMO, Wessels Skuta MahokoAn SAP member who was killed by `comrades` on May 30, 1992 in Sharpeville, Vereeniging, Transvaal, during intense political conflict. Mr Marumo was accused of killing an ANC supporter in the area. Mr Marumo`s body was chopped up and his severed head was paraded around the township and placed on a signpost on the main road.References
MARUNGWANA, Lucas 'Billy-Boy' 26Was arrested and severely assaulted by members of the Bophuthatswana Police in Lekubu, Bophuthatswana, on 27 March 1989 because he resisted Leeuwfontein`s incorporation into Bophuthatswana and attended Chief Sebogodi`s victory celebrations in his legal battle against his rival Chief Moiloa. Mr Marungwana was arrested and taken to Motswedi Police station where he was interrogated, caned and detained for a month.References
MARUPING, Jackonia Rakoena 28Was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Vosloorus, Transvaal, on 11 November 1991. References
MARUTLA, Maphuti 45She had her home burnt down on 2 February 1980 at GaMatlala, Lebowa, by supporters of Chief BK Matlala because she resisted Lebowa`s proposed independence from South Africa.References
MARWANE, Wilfred SebonegeWas shot dead by members of the SAP outside his home in Emdeni, Soweto, Johannesburg, on 19 January 1987. It is believed he was targeted after a sentence for `terrorist activities` had been set aside by the Appeal Court in 1979.References
MARWANQANA, Alfred Fikile 50An ANC member from Port Elizabeth who was shot dead in an attack by SADF Special Forces operatives on several ANC houses and a block of flats in Maseru, Lesotho, on 9 December 1982. Thirty South Africans, including Mr Marwanqana`s son and daughter, and 12 citizens of Lesotho were killed in the midnight attack. Mr Marwanqana had previously been imprisoned for six and a half years on Robben Island for political offences, and thereafter banished to Ilinge, near Queenstown. After 12 years of banishment, he and his family fled to Lesotho four days prior to the raid.References
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