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The victims' index provides a comprehensive listing of the known victims of politically motivated crimes during the apartheid era, as identified through the TRC.


The list provides detailed information related to personal loss, death or injury, as well as the victim's age at the time of the incident.

TRC Victims - Letter MOL-MOZ

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MOLEFE, Thomas 19Was shot in both legs in August 1984 in Tokoza, Tvl, allegedly by members of the SAP during a protest march. References
MOLEFE, Tsepo 20An ANC supporter who was shot dead in an attack on CONTRALESA Chief Molefe`s homestead at Nqutu, KwaZulu, near Vryheid, Natal, on 7 November 1993. See Molefe homestead attack.References
MOLEFE, Tsitsana Elma 65An ANC supporter who had her house and property destroyed in an attack by IFP supporters in Haladu, Nqutu, KwaZulu, near Vryheid, Natal, on 20 April 1994 in intense political conflict in the area during the run-up to the April 1994 elections. Her daughter-in-law died of shock during the attack.References
MOLEFI, ASuffered severe ill-treatment and damage to property during the Boipatong massacre by IFP supporters in Boipatong, near Vanderbijlpark, Transvaal, on 17 June 1992, which left forty five people dead and twenty seven seriously injured. Thirteen perpetrators were granted amnesty; a further three applications were refused (AC/2000/209).References
MOLEFI, Boikanyo GersonWas injured in a hand grenade explosion on 25 May 1993 in Kimberley, Cape, during an ANC protest march to the Bophutha-tswana consulate. Two MK operatives threw a hand grenade at the building which bounced back into the crowd, killing one person and injuring 41 others. Two ANC members were wrongly convicted of the killing. Four MK operatives and ANC members, two of whom denied guilt, were refused amnesty (AC/2000/053 and AC/2000/241). References
MOLEFI, Dimakatso Mary 33A UDF supporter who was severely beaten by members of the SAP in Khutsong, Carletonville, Tvl, on 8 January 1986 while on a march to protest against the detention of 15 political activists.References
MOLEFI, JanA FAWU member who was shot and injured by members of the SAP while participating in a labour strike action in Viljoenskroon, OFS, on 4 December 1992. Two police vans entered the work premises and SAP members opened fire on striking miners, injuring six.References
MOLEFI, Osekile Daniel 31Was severely beaten by members of the Bophuthatswana Police and detained on 28 December 1990 in Zeerust, Tvl, while participating in a protest march against Braaklaagte`s incorporation into Bophuthatswana.References
MOLEFI, Sekgarametso Suzan 18Was severely beaten by members of the Bophuthatswana Police on 20 April 1989 in Zeerust, Tvl, while participating in a protest march against the incorporation of the area into Bophuthatswana.References
MOLEFI, Serame Shadrack 21A PAC activist who was arrested by members of the SAP anti-insurgency squad on 11 April 1978. He was charged with terrorism and spent five months in solitary confinement at John Voster Square in Johannesburg. While in solitary confinement, Mr Molefi was beaten by a named member of the SAP and was shown photographs of other activists who had been shot. He was subsequently sentenced to ten years on Robben Island. On appeal, the sentence was reduced to five years.References
MOLEHE, Makanke Jonas 23An ANC supporter who was severely assaulted by members of the SAP in Botshabelo, near Bloemfontein, on 6 August 1990. He was forced into a police vehicle, where he was beaten, punched and kicked.References
MOLEKE, Leepo Lawrence 44An ANCYL supporter who was detained and repeatedly tortured by members of the Security Branch in Kroonstad, OFS, in 1972, allegedly because he openly declared his political convictions. He was blindfolded, had his hands and feet cuffed together and was repeatedly shocked by means of an electric cord connected to the running engine of a car. Mr Moleke is now partially paralysed and his hearing and sight are impaired as a result of his injuries.References
MOLEKO, BJ Thabo 37A union member who was the victim of a teargas attack by a member of the SAP in Tembisa, Tvl, on 1 April 1987.References
MOLEKO, Dineo Elizabeth 9Was severely sjambokked by members of the SAP, Municipal Police and SADF at Tswelopele Higher Primary during the Sharpeville massacre on 21 March 1960 in Sharpeville, Vereeniging, Tvl. Police opened fire on an unarmed crowd holding a peaceful protest against the pass laws, killing 69 people and injuring several others. References
MOLEKO, Jacob Cyril 21Was shot and paralysed by members of the SADF on 27 August 1976 in Meadowlands, Soweto, Johannesburg, in the wake of the Soweto uprising.References
MOLEKO, Sannah Senkwele Ntela 40Was gang-raped by ten men in Evaton, Tvl, on 4 September 1984. The men accused her husband of being a councillor and a collaborator. They also burnt down their home and their cars.References
MOLEKO, Sompi Flip 44An ANC supporter who was shot and injured by members of the SAP patrolling in Swanieville, near Krugersdorp, Tvl, on 12 May 1991. The area was tense following an attack on the informal settlement by IFP supporters which led to the deaths of twenty seven people.References
MOLEKO, TebuhoAn ANC supporter who was detained and severely beaten by members of the SAP in Bloemfontein, in March 1989. He was one of an unknown number of youths who had been toyi-toying and were taken to the police station, where they were beaten.References
MOLEKO, VictorAn ANC supporter who was shot dead by a named and other members of the SAP in Kroonstad, OFS, on 16 February 1991. Mr Moleko had allegedly been harassed earlier by the police and by members of the Three Million gang.References
MOLEKOA, Charlie Petrus 59Was severely beaten by supporters of Chief Mapela on 19 January 1981 near Pietersburg, Tvl, during a confrontation between supporters of Chief Mapela and Chief Lerumo.References
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