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Was injured when MK operatives detonated an explosive in a car outside the South African Air Force (SAAF) headquarters in Church Street, Pretoria, on 20 May 1983. Twenty-one people were killed and 217 injured. The overall commander of MK’s Special Operations Unit and two MK operatives were granted amnesty (AC/2001/003 and AC/2001/023). See Church Street bombing, Pretoria.

By the end of the eighties bannings, press restrictions and states of emergency had certainly taken their toll. In 1989 mass anger turned into spontaneous revolt. The Defiance Campaign, aimed at ending apartheid for good, hit back. Jaunine Otto was killed in Kalksteenfontein in September 1989.
I would really like the Commission to try and get hold of this policeman so that he can come ask my forgiveness for what he did to my daughter because it is something that you can never forget. You can forgive, but you can never forget this.
on other crucial aspects such as who was the man who pulled the trigger. Van Rensburg, Du Plessis, Erasmus and Roth all insist that it was a Sgt Roy Otto of Vlakplaas. Dirk Coetzee denies this and Sgt Otto has since committed suicide. The former Vlakplaas boss says the murder was committed in ...
As far as I can remember Sgt Roy Otto took out his firearm, and I think it was his service pistol, and shot Kondile. Afterwards he was put on some wood which was already there and we also gathered some more wood and he was burnt to death.
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