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Boipatong massacre

Forty-five people died and 27 others were seriously injured on 17 June 1992 when several hundred IFP-supporting residents of the KwaMadala hostel launched attacks on the Boipatong community, near Vanderbijlpark, Tvl, during a period of escalating violence between the ANC and IFP in the area. Victims included at least nine children, two babies and 17 women, one of whom was pregnant. Residents were raped, hacked, stabbed, shot, beaten and disembowelled. This attack was allegedly planned and carried out with the aid of the police.

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MR DU PLESSIS: Before the meeting two weeks before the Boipatong massacre, did you see Mr Peens again?
... affidavit which we will require before we can finally settle our affidavits and they are the following. He says that he wrote four articles on the Boipatong Massacre, only two of those articles are annexed. ...
MS THABETHE: To you knowledge, was Hapile ever involved in Boipatong massacre?
MR MKHWANAZI: I wanted to add that when we were coming from Zone 12 with John Radebe she provided an information that on the day the Boipatong Massacre they took part. I heard this from Samuel Neti and I wanted to confirm it and ask it from the person who said it. I asked from her and she ...
MR MAGUBANE: I stayed in KwaMadala for a long time. After Boipatong massacre I stayed at KwaMadala hostel for a long time. I don't think it will be two weeks or three weeks.
MR LOWIES: But it appears to me that you are quite sure that the application that you have lodged for amnesty regarding the Boipatong massacre happened on a specific date and you know that date as being the 17th of June 1993, how could you have made a mistake like that?
MR LOWIES: But sir, you were only involved in shootings in 1992, two days prior to Boipatong? So did they not trust you from 1991 when you joined there up until two days before the Boipatong massacre?
CHAIRPERSON: Once again ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome all of you to this Amnesty Hearing which relates to what has become known as the Boipatong Massacre. Finally we are able to proceed after we've had some technical delays. Ms Pretorius, I gather that you will be starting with the ...
MR BERGER: But you do recall a meeting about two weeks before the massacre where residents were complaining about IFP members being killed by Boipatong residents, do you remember that?
... offences that you committed on the 15th June 1992 relating to drive by shootings in Zone 12, Sebokeng and Everton. No mention is made of the Boipatong Massacre in your application. Can you explain to this Commission how it transpired that your activities relating to the Boipatong Massacre ...
"In this moment or at this moment I don't like to go and sit in front of the TRC hearing because I was sentenced for this case of Boipatong Massacre when I was not present. I was not even around the area of Boipatong"
MR TSHOKO: No, like ANC members after the Boipatong Massacre we were patrolling in the area in 1993 but I cannot remember the date.
MR BERGER: And at that meeting Mr Themba Khosa told you to destroy the evidence linking you to the massacre, including all the goods stolen from Boipatong, is that right?
It is my submission that Vanana Zulu to the police, at the stage when they were investigating this Boipatong massacre, must have been a very important role player. It is my submission that the probability must be there that the police would have asked these witnesses specifically "did you see Mr ...
MR KOOPEDI: Is it correct that this incident occurred shortly after what came to be known as the Boipatong Massacre?
MR BERGER: You see because you told the Committee last week that you had never been into Boipatong until the night of the massacre.
MR BERGER: Who has made application for amnesty for his part in the Boipatong massacre and who is not presently before the Committee.
after the massacre. I'm not sticking to what I've said when I said it was a month. I wanted to give an indication that I saw him a long time after Boipatong incident. Yes, the date that you have mentioned is also a long time after the Boipatong ...
MR DU PLESSIS: Ms Molete, I have no questions for you. I do however, want to put to you that I act on behalf of Mr Pedro Peens and it is my instruction to put to you that he was not involved with the Boipatong massacre. If you can answer?
MS MOLOISANE: Do you know about the Boipatong massacre?
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