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ANC landmine campaign

The ANC's landmine campaign from 1985 to 1987 targeted military patrols in the mainly northern and eastern areas of the Transvaal. A number of civilians - white farmers, their families, and black farm labourers - were killed when these explosives were detonated. The campaign was called off in the light of its high civilian casualty rate.

... wanting to just ask for your views, we have here the situation that - we know that from the documents before us and from what we've heard that the landmine campaign, that the orders were given by the hierarchy, so we know that the orders were given by Military Headquarters and the NSC etc. and ...
MR WAGENER: Can you deny that 25 people were killed in this landmine campaign, although you were not involved in all the incidents, 25 people were killed, of whom 24 were civilians?
MR WAGENER: Will you accept, Mr Mbuli, that this landmine campaign was a total failure?
MR BERGER: Now, General, this amnesty hearing concerns only the landmine campaign which was conducted in the former Eastern Transvaal and to a lesser extent on the Witwatersrand from the end of 1985 onwards. So I'd like to limit your evidence here to that particular campaign. in 1985 when the ...
MR BERGER: Now as for as the landmine campaign is concerned, Kletshwayo, how did it come that you were involved in that campaign?
Watloo petrol depot. He was also indirectly involved in the planning and facilitating of the bombing at the Johannesburg Magistrates' Court and the landmine campaign known as Operation ...
particular because yes, in 1988 senior leadership was sent to articulate the position of MK command that attacks on civilians, and in particular the landmine campaign should be halted, but following that there were a range of attacks on restaurants, Wimpy Bars in particular and we have received ...
campaign in general and I believe that the command structure at that stage, the NEC, informed you that they were not satisfied that enough reconnaissance was carried out in the event of more civilians being killed than military personnel, so would you say that they were actually not being truthful ...
MR BERGER: We also know from your application that you wore different hats, sometimes at the same time. I want to ask you just in relation to Kletshwayo, because that's all that this application today is concerned with, the landmine campaign, what was your function on this command structure?
MR BERGER: And finally, you also gave evidence before a Committee of the Amnesty Committee in White River two weeks ago in connection with the landmine campaign and your involvement therein, Operation Hlatshwayo, is that correct?
... policy behind the MK landmine campaign, the mandate given to the unit tasked to carry out the campaign, the extent and the quality of the reconnaissance carried out as well as other intelligence gathering and in particular, whether the group of which Applicant Nondula was a member carried out ...
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