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ANC landmine campaign

The ANC's landmine campaign from 1985 to 1987 targeted military patrols in the mainly northern and eastern areas of the Transvaal. A number of civilians - white farmers, their families, and black farm labourers - were killed when these explosives were detonated. The campaign was called off in the light of its high civilian casualty rate.

... held in Nelspruit from 2 to 5 September 1996. Segments include the Piet Retief ambushes ? during which the Vlakplaas death squad killed nine ANC members ? including an interview with a former policeman on duty at the Piet Retief police station the evenings the ambushes took place. We also ...
This episode focuses on the ANC and NP?s revised submissions to the TRC. The ANC was asked to explain, amongst other things, civilian casualties and ?soft? targets like the Church Street and Magoo?s Bar bombings and their landmine campaign; the practice of necklacing; the chant ?Kill the Boer, ...
The ANC landmine campaign: landmines detonated on farms around Nelspruit,
... Noord Transvaal. Die minister van verdediging general Magnus Malan het die gebied vandag besoek. [Six people died and five were injured in another landmine explosion in the northern Transvaal. Minister of Defence, General Magnus Malan visited the area today]. // [A landmine was detonated late ...
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