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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 2, Chapter 3

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Introduction / Bannings and banishment1651 to 12Read
Subsection 2Banning 16713 to 20 Read
Subsection 3Judicial executions 16921 to 27 Read
Subsection 4Death row17128 to 37Read
Subsection 5Public order policing 17438 to 46 Read
Subsection 6Public order policing continued 17747 to 55 Read
Subsection 7Public order policing continued 17956 to 67 Read
Subsection 8Public order policing continued 18268 to 77 Read
Subsection 9Special constables in the Western Cape18478 to 87 Read
Subsection 10Special constables in KwaZulu Natal18688 to 90Read
Subsection 11Torture and death in custody 18791 to 101Read
Subsection 12Methods of torture 189102 to 108 Read
Subsection 13Methods of torture continued 192109 to 119Read
Subsection 14The use of torture in the arrest and interrogation of detainees194120 to 131 Read
Subsection 15The use of torture in the arrest and interrogation of detainees continued 197132 to 147 Read
Subsection 16The use of torture in the arrest and interrogation of detainees continued 200148 to 159Read
Subsection 17The use of torture in the arrest and interrogation of detainees continued 203160 to 165Read
Subsection 18Deaths of detainees held in terms of security legislation / "Suicides"205166 to 176Read
Subsection 19'Accidental deaths' and 'Natural causes' 207177 to 180Read
Subsection 20Deaths of detainees held in terms of security legislation continued 210181 to 186Read
Subsection 21Deaths of detainees held in terms of security legislation continued 212187 to 195 Read
Subsection 22Applications for amnesty214196 to 213Read
Subsection 23Knowledge or condonation of torture 218214 to 220Read
Subsection 24Killing / Targeted killing 220221 to 230Read
Subsection 25Killing / Targeted killing continued 223231 to 233Read
Subsection 26Killing / Targeted killing continued 224234 to 239Read
Subsection 27Killing / Targeted killing continued 226240 to 244Read
Subsection 28Killing / Targeted killing continued 227245 to 258Read
Subsection 29Killing / Targeted killing continued 230259 to 267 Read
Subsection 30Killing / Targeted killing continued 232268 to 277Read
Subsection 31Abduction, interrogation and killing 234278 to 292Read
Subsection 32Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 237293 to 305Read
Subsection 33Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 240306 to 316 Read
Subsection 34Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 242317 to 323Read
Subsection 35 Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 244324 to 332Read
Subsection 36Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 246333 to 345Read
Subsection 37Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 249346 to 349Read
Subsection 38Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 250350 to 353Read
Subsection 39Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 252354 to 366Read
Subsection 40Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 254367 to 373Read
Subsection 41Abduction, interrogation and killing continued 256374 to 379Read
Subsection 42Entrapment killing 257380 to 398Read
Subsection 43Entrapment killing continued 261399 to 410Read
Subsection 44Entrapment killing continued 264411 to 416 Read
Subsection 45Entrapment killing continued 265417 to 424Read
Subsection 46Killing of own forces 267425 to 435Read
Subsection 47Killing of own forces continued270436 to 443Read
Subsection 48Killing of own forces continued272444 to 456 Read
Subsection 49Identification of targets 275457 to 465 Read
Subsection 50Identification of targets continued 278466 to 481Read
Subsection 51Identification of targets continued 282482 to 490Read
Subsection 52Identification of targets continued 284491 to 503Read
Subsection 53Identification of targets continued 286504 to 509Read
Subsection 54Attempted killings, arson and sabotage289510 to 520 Read
Subsection 55Attempted killings, arson and sabotage continued 291521 to 529Read
Subsection 56Other sabotage attacks293530 to 550Read
Subsection 57Contra-mobilisation - Support to surrogate and opposition groups297551 to 565Read
Subsection 58Project capital300566 to 570 Read
Subsection 59Vigilante activity 302571 to 582Read
Subsection 60Stratcom fomentation 305583 to 586Read
Subsection 61Witdoeke in the Western Cape 306587 to 594 Read
Subsection 62The Eagles in the Orange Free State / Other groupings: The Phakathi's and the A Team 308595 to 603 Read
Subsection 63Gangster vigilantes311604 to 607 Read
Subsection 64Joint security structures 3131 to 9 Read
Subsection 65South African Police (SAP)31510 to 15Read
Subsection 66Bureau of State Security (BOSS) / Department of National Security (DONS) / National Intelligence Service31716 to 29Read
Subsection 67South African Defence Force (SADF) 31930 to 37Read
Subsection 68South African Defence Force (SADF) continued32038 to 47Read
Subsection 69South African Defence Force (SADF) continued 32248 to 57Read
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